Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Perfection

Sale Moor, UK

Nature of Perfection

Nature of Perfection

Nature of Godliness

I Am is the Name of God.

We are not God,
but we are asked to be like Him.

Live is His Name,
it means To Be.

His Name is His Word,
which He Spoke at the Dawn of Creation.

That Moment, was the Moment All Things were Created.

All Things are Created right now,
and for all Eternity.

It is the Nature of the Beginning,
which is our Calling.

If is the Nature of Eternity,
to which we are Called.

Our Calling,
is Godliness,
and All Things.

Our Calling,
will never be seen.

What we have,
in these times,
is Suffering.

Enter the Age of Peace,
and find New Life,
in the Beginning.

His Crucifixion,
is the Beginning.

His Crucifixion,
is the End.

His Crucifixion,
throughout All Eternity.

His Crucifixion,
is what we are Called to.

is the Nature of God,
within man.

Man was Created.

God was not Created.

is the Nature of God,
in His Creation.

What then is Godliness?
What are we asked to achieve in our lives?

It is not God,
who we are asked to become.

It is God,
we are asked to be.

It is not God,
we can ever be.

But it is God,
we must become.

These words,
are Written,
by God.

It is He,
who Writes,
All Things.

But it is Impossible,
for man to achieve.

What then is God asking of us?
What can we do, to achieve something that we will never be able to attain?
Why does God want us to be Him?

It is our Destiny,
to live,
is beyond our reach.

Who desires, to be God?

It is not the holy,
it is the deluded.

What is holiness?

It is the Knowledge,
that you are no one.
It is the Belief,
that you are lower than All Things.
It is the Servitude,
to God.

It is Godliness,
to be lower than anyone.

God Himself,
makes Himself,
lower than All Things.

It is the Nature of His Crucifixion,
His Nativity,
and His Suffering for Eternity,
Creating us,
Living for us,
and Being with us.

He is Holy.

We are no one.

Nature of Suffering

In time, we find hell,
in All Things.

Good for evil, and evil for good, is what is revealed.

and it is always lowercase,
is not a place,
it is Suffering,
for Eternity.

Hell, is our Destiny.

It is the Destiny,
of all the Called,
of all the holy,
of all those wanting Godliness.

Want hell,
and enjoy Paradise.

Hell on Earth,
is the Teaching we receive,
from One who Judges All.

Hell on Earth,
is what we Suffer.

Those who believe,
that Earth is Paradise,
have time right now,
to enter that needle,
they will never fit through.

Suffering awaits,

Nature of Martyrdom

The Martyrs Suffer All Things,
in Paradise.

The Martyrs Suffered hell,
on Earth.

We made those Wounds,
in Our Lord.

The Martyrs,
shed blood,
to Witness,
His Crucifixion.

I am not a Martyr.

I though, know I have suffered.
I am therefore not holy,
nor am I Called.

What then,
if we Suffer,
but do not Witness Him?

Why do we write,
from God?

I am arrogant,
and no one at all.

Gives All,
to those who say these words.

I have everything from the Lord God.

But I am no one.

These Words, are indeed His.

They now need to go in quotes, to represent the Teaching of this Revelation.

"This is My Word.
All People,
listen to My Apostle."

I am unholy,
a worm,
under the foot of Mary.

A thorn,
in Jesus' Side.

No one,
but a criminal,
asking to take the place of Jesus.

What you have believed the anti-Christ to be, I am.
Herod, I know I am.
And Judas Iscariot,
I know I love more than myself.

This though, is the Nature of Godliness.

As is Written.

Nature of the Saints

The Saints,

The Saints,
shed blood,
for Jesus.

The Saints,
are Called,
to holiness.

The Saints,
live in Paradise,
and judge with His Judgement.

The Saints,
are not all saints.

The Saints,
are the 144,000,
Called in these times.

There are more Saints,
for Eternity,
than 144,000.

Heaven is Infinite.
The Congregation of Saints,
is Infinite.

But it is not right now,
the Congregation is Known,
to anyone on Earth.

Those people,
of other denominations,
of Christianity,
and other world religions,
have Sainthood.

Wisdom and Love,
is to welcome,
All Saints.

Believe in the Age of Peace.

What is a Saint?
A Saint is one who is Given the Calling of holiness.

Who am I,
to say you are not holy.

Who am I,
to say you are holy?

Who am I,
to judge God.

God Gives Sainthood.
God Gives us Saints.

Saints are for us,
in our times,
to Teach,
to Love,
to Live their lives,
and attain Godliness,
we will never reach.

Who Calls a Saint?

only God,
and it is Jesus Christ.

Nature of Hell

Hell was created,
in our minds.

Nature of Truth

How do we Know what is True?

We Pray,
as is Written.

We Pray,
to The Holy Spirit,
and ask Him to Teach us what is True.

We ask God.
He answers,
those who have Truth.

What then for those who are Called to Teach?
To share what is True?

How can anyone Believe them?

Because God,
does not,
speak to All People,
in the Way He Speaks to those who Teach.

The Holy Spirit,
Speaks to All People.

He Speaks,
in Everything you have in your hearts.

If you Believe someone,
it is for you to believe them.

If you Teach someone,
is is for you to teach them.

If God is speaking Truths,
to you,
to your disciples,
and to your faithful brethren,
then Truth is Known to those people.

If God has Called you to Evil,
then Evil you are Called to.

No one Knows,
what is True.

All People have Purpose,
in the Beginning,
and for Eternity.

All People are Called,
to what they do.

All those who cause Suffering,
are called,
to Evil.

All those who Preach His Gospel,
are Called,
to Godliness.

All Things obey His Will.

His Will,
is Perfect.

Nature of Perfection

His Will,
is Suffering.

His Will,
is Joy.

Those times,
we Suffer,
we are rewarded with Joy.

Those people,
who just have Joy,
will Suffer.

The first will be last,
and the Last will be First.

Everyone has a place,
in Paradise.

Those who are Last,
are those in the Congregation.

Those who are First,
are not worthy to untie the sandal,
of Judas.

But Jesus will untie their sandals,
and wash their feet,
because He loves them.

Kiss the feet of the beggar,
and you will kiss the foot of Jesus.

Shy away from all that is Good,
and you will pierce His Heart,
with a blunt,
and rusty,

Perfection is found in God.

The Godly,
are not God,
and therefore never Perfect.

No one is Perfect.
Not even the Congregation.
No one can be Perfect.

Judge no one,
and make your enemies above you,
and then put yourself in their shoes.

Everyone receives a welcome into Paradise.
That Welcome is Just.
That Welcome is Perfection.
That Welcome,
is God Himself.

The All Merciful Father,
is to be Known,
by all.