Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Peace

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

Nature of Peace

Nature of Peace

Nature of Fruit

This is the Purpose of our time in Eternity.

Our Purpose is to bear Fruit,
for the Kingdom of God.

Fruit is found in Suffering,
and we find Fruit,
from the Lord God.

Fruit is found when we are Taught,
and that Fruit is our Teaching.

Wisdom is Given in Teaching.
Our Experience is what we are Taught.

Knowledge and Faith is produced,
in this Teaching,
and we Experience this Teaching,
in our Knowledge.

Nature of Evil

Evil is found everywhere in the world.
Evil is not in Eternity.

Evil is a small part of Eternity,
and we desire to be without Evil.

Evil though,
gives Suffering.

Evil done by others,
to us,
is to be Forgiven.

Evil is not found,
in Eternity.

Evil is Done,
by the Lord God.

Evil is not the Lord God.
The Lord God is not Evil.

All Things are Created,
by God.

Evil is a small part of All Things.

Evil is not Infinite.
Evil is not Eternal.

Evil is found in the world.
The Universe contains Evil.

Heaven is Perfection.
Heaven contains no Evil.

Evil is found when we disobey the Will of God.
The Will of God,
is to be disobeyed,
in our time,
in the Universe.

The Will of God,
should not be disobeyed.

The Will of God,
is not to have Suffering.

His Will though,
is Done,
in the Universe.

His Will,
is His Desire.

His Will,
bears Fruit,
in Eternity.

His Will,
is Perfect.

Nature of Suffering

Evil creates Suffering.
Evil creates Suffering.
Suffering is caused by Evil.

Jesus Christ created Evil.
Jesus Christ bears Suffering on His Cross.

Jesus Christ is Good.
Jesus Christ created Evil.

Evil and Suffering are one and the same.

Evil and Suffering are found in this world.

Suffering though is found in Heaven.
Suffering is not just Evil.

Suffering is found in Love.
Suffering is for Joy.

Suffering is to be Given for Eternity.

Nature of Teaching

Teaching is Given in those times we Suffer.
Teaching is to bear Fruit,
for the Kingdom of God.

Teaching produces Wisdom,
in the Wise.

Teaching is never with no Reason.

Teaching is to help us Experience,
the Knowledge we need,
to bear Fruit,
for the Kingdom of God.

In His Gospel,
those Disciples,
were Taught,
in a Way,
which created Suffering,
in them,
and those they loved.

Jesus Teaches,
in a Way,
which causes Suffering,
to those who are Taught.

Jesus Teaches,
not to cause Suffering,
but to bring Fruit,
for His Kingdom.

Jesus Teaches,
so we can have Joy.

Nature of Good

In the fullness of Time,
all Good is to be Found.

Jesus is Good.

Jesus is Perfect.

Perfection is never found for Eternity,
Jesus is Eternal.

Whole Truth is never Known,
and Whole Truth is Good.

We can never attain what Jesus is,
but we must search for Him in our hearts.

We want to reach Perfection,
but we will never be Good.

What is Good?

It is God's Will.

I have not been Good,
nor have I been good.

I am evil itself,
and so are you.

I am suffering,
I am sin,
I am,
like you,

God is Suffering,
God is Good,
God is,
like no one else,
All Things.

When we consider our life's work.
We look back and consider what we have done,
which is like Jesus.

None of us,
can consider anything we ever do,
to be anything close to Perfection.

We are never Perfect.
We are nothing.

All Things are God,
All Things are Eternal,
All Things are Perfect.

Nature of Eternity

When we find what we need in Life,
we ask Jesus the question:
'why did you not give me these things,
when I needed them?'

Where were you,
when the Lord Called you?

Were you in the gutter,
finding Truth,
in All Things?

Were you in paradise,
feeding off the riches,
of all people?

Jesus has Called you,
in the Way you were Called.

You were without anything,
and Jesus provided you Wisdom,
Jesus provided you Love,
and Jesus provided you Truth.

Jesus provided you,
all things,
that you needed,
and the desire for all things you had.

Where were you,
when the Lord God Called you?

You were in paradise,
and you were with everything.

Nature of Heaven

Heaven is near.
Heaven is found in Truth.
Heaven bears Suffering,
and Peace is to be found,
in those times we Suffer.

Each day,
in Heaven,
we Suffer.

Each day,
in Heaven,
we rest.

Each day,
in Heaven,
we have the end of Suffering.

Each day,
in Heaven,
is Peaceful.

When we Suffer,
the afterlife,
we cry,
we pray,
and we wait for the Lord God,
to bring His Will to Fruition.

I have not Experienced,

I Experience,
your sin.

Nature of Peace

There is a time when all people,
will be at Peace.

This time is to Come.

I have no Peace,
except when I have been with Jesus.

Jesus is with us,
for Peace.