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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Mercy

Kensington, UK

Nature of Mercy

Nature of Mercy

Nature of Justice

God imparts Knowledge,
to those who need help.

God Gives Knowledge,
of sinfulness,
and the need to change your way.

God Teaches,
in His Holy Spirit,
and Gives Suffering,
in those times.

God Teaches,
to change your way.

Justice brought to all who are sinful.

It is though,
that Justice is Peaceful.

Never change the way of another.
God brings all people,

When we sin,
we do wrong to each other,
we do wrong to God.

When we sin,
we are doing what God intended.

It is though,
that God wants you to be Just.

"I have Given you,
All People,
a Conscience."

Jesus has Taught you,
in your hearts,
what is right.

Jesus is Teaching you,
in your hearts,
what to do.

Jesus abandons no one.
Claim you have no conscience,
and you are denying God,
and your inmost being.

When we go to Him,
we will be asked,
not what we did which was wrong,
but whether we want Him.

"Do you want Me?"

Is the question Jesus asks all of us.
When we sin,
we are wanting not the Lord God,
we are wanting selfishness,
and lack of Justice,

I have done wrong to the Lord God,
I am not Just,
I do though want God.

This is to be explored as follows.

Nature of Guilt

When we are to be Redeemed,
we have a sense of Guilt.

This is our conscience speaking to us,
the Holy Spirit,
in our hearts.

Our Lord Gives us Guilt,
in order to change.

Our Guilt,
is an emotion,
a Teaching,
for us.

Our Guilt guides our actions,
to Prayer,
to ask for forgiveness,
from those around us,
and from God.

When we feel Guilt,
we are being Called,
to Change.

Guilt is the most important feeling,
of all our emotions.

It is our Conscience,
in which God begins to communicate with our hearts.

It is our Conscience,
that guides the Prodigal Child,
back to his Father.

Our Father in Heaven,
Jesus Christ,
is waiting,
for you to Receive Him.

Our Father in Heaven,
is Calling you,
this day.

Read these words,
and know how you feel:

"I am your God,
your Creator,
I know who you are."

"I am your God,
the Northern Star,
guiding you,
back to Me."

Jesus Guides All People,
for All Eternity.

In the Beginning,
God made you,
at the End,
He has you.

All People,
are Brought to Him,
and that feeling in your heart,
is the start of your journey Home.

Nature of Redemption

"I have Given you,
My People,
Time to make Peace."

"1 century you have,
from the Writing of My Apostle,
to make Peace."

"I am Coming in the clouds,
to Bring,
the Weary,
into My Bosom."

"All People,
See Me,
All People,
Hear Me."

My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is Coming in the clouds.

All People,
See Him,
All People,
Hear Him.

Know Him this day,
and wait patiently for the Lord.

Peace is near.

The Year is 2118,
the Hour is Merciful.

Nature of Forgiveness

Jesus brings us Gifts of Bread and Wine.
His Living Body is in these Gifts.

Our Lord asks you to receive Him.

His Prayer is Sanctity,
His Prayer is His.

"I Give you,
My Body,
for your Life."

"My Bread,
is Living,
it is I."

"My Wine,
is Fruitful,
in the End."

"My Body and Blood,
were Shed,
and they are Received,
in your heart."

"My Kingdom is to Receive."

Be at Peace,
and find Union with the Most High,
in His Body and Blood,
His Holy Sacrament of the Temple.

This is New,
it Springs up,
Out of the Garden.

My Lord has Given us All Things,
and we are One in His Body.

Nature of Mercy

Jesus Taught us to show Mercy to All People.
Everyone is Suffering,
everyone needs His Mercy.

Mercy is to be shown,
to All People.
Mercy is to show Love,
to All People.

"I have Given you time to make Peace."

"I have Given you 1 Century,
to make Peace."

"Peace will not be found,
for 100 years,
from the Writing of My Apostle, Timothy."

"100 years you have,
to make Peace."

"My Will is this."

"Mercy is found,
when I Come."

Wait for the Lord,
and Pray for Mercy.

Nature of God

Our Lord Grants Gifts to Everyone.

Nature of Divine Mercy

I have Given you Time to Make Peace.
Man is not Peaceful.

Suffering is to be found this time.

Conquest, Plague, Starvation and Death becomes those who disobey My Message of Truth.

It is Time.

As is Written, in the Revelation of John.

The Fifth Seal has been Broken.
His Horn has Sounded,
at the time of that writing.

Our Lord has Spoken,
Listen all who Hear.

Wait for the Lord.