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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Marriage

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Nature of Marriage

Nature of Marriage

Nature of Union

We are inseperable.
We are married.

We are married to the Most High,
Jesus Christ.

We are in Union with God.

When we seek marriage,
we seek a greater union,
than with God Himself.

With God at the heart of all Unions,
how can it be,
that there is a greater union than with God.

God creates all unions.
God creates union between man and woman.

In the Garden of Eden,
Eve was born from Adam's rib.

In Life,
Woman is born,
from Man's side.

bears Woman,
and Woman,
bears the offspring of Man.

Man and Woman are inseperable.
Man and Woman are Created by Him.

When a Man seeks a Woman,
He does so out of love,
out of kinship,
out of friendship,
and most of all,
out of Lust.

When a Woman seeks a Man,
she is finding,
her Rib,
from where she was born.

Man and Woman,
Woman and Man,
are inseperable.

When we find union,
outside of marriage,
we are not in union with our spouse.

We are in union,
with an idea,
of our spouse.

When we are in union,
with our spouse,
we are at Peace.

Nature of Love

In Love,
a couple,
finds Peace.

In Love,
a couple,
is romantic,
but this romance,
is not Love,
it is romance.

It is the sustenance for Love,
but is not the substance of Love.

It is time to enjoy your Love,
it is not the time you will spend in Love.

Love is found in giving,
Love is found in receiving,
Love is found in searching,
Love is found in forgiving,
Love is found in loving,
and Love is found,
always in Union with your spouse.

Love is never found,
in searching for the idea of your spouse in another.
Love is only found,
when God provides it.

God provides a sensation of Love,
an Emotion,
to many who are young.

God does not let this sensation last,
for those who are not your spouse.

God creates Love.

Love can never be broken.

Love is kind,
Love is gentle,
Love is patient,
and most of all Love,
is the answer,
to all Life's ailments.

Love is never boastful,
Love is dutiful,
Love is the time to be in Love,
and the time to fall in Love once more.

Love is the answer to all Life's problems,
Love is the answer to Life.

Love can never be replaced with anger,
but anger,
is only the antipathy of Love,
a symptom that exists,
when Love is not met to one's expectations,
one's desires,
one's lack of patience,
and one's fear of the unknown.

Love is everlasting,
when True Love is found.

Peace is found where Love,
enters your heart,
clears your mind,
settles you to rest,
in the bosom of your spouse,
and kneads a place in your heart.

Peace in Love,
Peace is with Love,
Peace is there.

Love is painful,
when unrequited.

Love is beautiful,
in waiting for your spouse,
to be ready,
to be yours.

Nature of Service

Man serves Woman.
Woman serves Man.

Man serves his family,
Woman serves her offspring.

Man and Woman serve each other,
just as Christ,
Our Husband,
serves us.

Man and Woman are married to the Lord,
Men call Him Brother,
Women call Him Husband.

Man and Woman serve the Lord God,
in serving each other,
in serving their offspring,
in serving their ancestors,
in serving their Family in Christ.

Man and Woman serve the Lord God.
Man and Woman serve Jesus Christ.
Man and Woman serve Jesus,
your Father,
your Creator,
in Marriage to each other.

Those called to another way of life,
are called to Serve those who bear fruit,
for His Kingdom.

In Creating,
Vows of Celibacy,
God Created Family,
for All Ways of Being.

is the Example to live by,
for All Ways of Life.

Men and Women,
in Union,
seek Counsel from Jesus and His Mother,
in the Life Mary and Joseph had,
and the Child they bore,
and the Service man gave to his wife.

Men and Women,
in Union,
with Jesus,
as their only Husband,
seek Counsel,
from the Lord Himself,
His Apostles,
and their Rightful Heirs,
the Church.

Lay Clergy,
in Union with Jesus,
and Man and Woman,
seek Counsel,
from those Saints,
Mary and Joseph,
who bore the Lord God.

All Ways of Life,
if you feel that need another way,
seek Counsel with the Lord,
and find the Way He shows you.

All People,
seek Counsel with the Lord,
and Bless all those around you,
with Jesus' Blessing.

"I am your God,
and All People,
are to be Served,
as your Brother,
and your Husband,

Nature of Kinship

When Man and Woman seek each other,
they develop a Union,
likened to a Mother and a Son,
a Father and a Daughter,
Brother and Sister,
Man and Wife.

Family is created in this Bond,
their Family has always Been,
since the Beginning.

Family is found in Marriage.
Family is found in Love.

Nature of Woman

Woman is born from Man.
Woman bears Man's offspring.
Woman serves Man.
Woman is served by Man.

Womankind is the Beauty of Life.
Womankind is Beautiful.

Woman was born so that Man would not be alone.

Woman was born,
so that Man would have a soul to share life with,
to serve,
and to Witness the Glory of God,
in Union,
with his wife.

Woman is to bear fruit,
for His Kingdom.

Woman is to bear fruit,
in agony,
for the Love of her child.

Woman was born from Mary,
Woman was born from Jesus.

Woman is to be,
for all men,
a Pure heart,
such that,
through their lives,
they inspire,
the Humility of Mary,
in All People.

Woman is to be,
the mother,
of Jesus.

Woman is to be,
the kindness,
and mother,
of All Things.

In Mary,
we have an example to live by.
In His Mother,
all Motherhood,
is Found.

Nature of Man

Man is to be the Servant of his wife.
Man is to serve Our Lord,
and through his wife,
give Glory to God.

Man is with his wife,
throughout his entire life,
throughout all Eternity.

Not every man has a wife,
not every woman has a husband.

Every woman,
every man,
must marry the Lord God,
to enter His Kingdom.

Just as Adam bore Eve,
Man bears his Wife.

Just as Eve was served by Adam,
and Adam took the pain of sin on himself,
Man is to take all of the Woman's pain.

Nature of Lust

Lust is a form of Love.

Lust is the conjugal bond a man has with his wife.
Lust is the conjugal bond a woman has with her husband.

Lust for any other man or woman in your life,
and find your husband,
or wife,
in that act.

No man or woman,
is to be with anyone other,
than their wife or husband.

No man or woman,
can deceive,
the Lord God.

Every man and woman,
will desire,
what they should not.

The Lord God created you.
You are not perfect.
You are sinful,
but you are loved,
and your spouse is waiting.

Nature of Celibacy

Life is found in waiting.
Waiting for your wife,
waiting for your husband,
waiting for the Lord God in Eternity.

Celibacy is for all people who are waiting.

The Vow of Celibacy in the Clergy,
is a Vow with God,
is for a time,
and a time,
and half a time.

That time is now gone.

The Vow of Celibacy is for Life,
your Vow is not with any other,
than the Lord God.

The Vows we make in Life,
are Sacred.

The Vows of Chastity,
are Sacred.

Those who are Called to a Life with a Husband or Wife,
are Called to Life,
other than Chastity.

Those who are Called to their husbands and wives,
are Called to Celibacy,
for the time that they must wait.

Find your Husband.
Find your Wife.
And abide in the Lord God,
your Husband.

"I am your Husband,
and I love you."

Nature of Life

Marriage is to bear fruit.
Marriage bears Children for the Lord God.

Children are not always Given,
for those who have Life in a different Way.

Children though,
are Born,
to those who are Called.

Life is Born,
in Woman's Womb.

Life is Born,
from Man's Seed.

Life is never found,
in any other way,
than in Union,
with Man and Wife.

All Things are Created,
through Woman.

All Things were Created,
in the Beginning.

Life is to Be,
in the Union with God in Marriage.

All Things are with God,
All Things are from God,
All Things are His.

"My People,
Love one another,
and Love your spouse,
in every way."

"My People,
Love one another,
and Love only your spouse.
Wait for the time,
that you are with them,
and do not do,
with another."

Life is Born,
in Union with your spouse,
Life is Born,
in Union with God.

In time,
Jesus is Born once more,
from Mary's Womb.

All Things are Coming Once More.

The End is near.

Nature of Openness

My Lord,
is Waiting,
for the time in which All People,
Come together,
and Witness Him.

My Lord is waiting for you.

Marriage is Given,
Marriage is never taken.

Marriage is Given,
Marriage is for you.

"My People,
Love one another,
and enter Union Most Holy,
with Me,
and your spouse."

Created you,
with one purpose,
to procreate.

Created you,
with one purpose,
to serve.

Created you,
with one purpose,
to serve your spouse.

Created you.

An open marriage is not permitted,
it hurts you,
it hurts your spouse,
it hurts your offspring,
it hurts the man or woman who is not your spouse,
it hurts their children,
it hurts their spouse,
it hurts all people,
all God's Children.

Openness though is to mean something else,
open your hearts to the Love of your spouse.

Nature of Trust

Jesus Gives All People,
a sense of trust in one that is theirs.

Jesus Gives All People,
the Love of their spouse.

Jesus Gives All People,
Love for their spouse.

Trust your spouse in every way.
Trust the Lord God to guide them,
Trust your Love for them,
to help them be guided.

Jesus Created you,
as Truth for your spouse.

Your spouse needs you,
to be honest,
and to speak Truth always.

"My Love for you,
is unending,
Trust Me."

Divine Mercy is the Trust in Jesus,
and the Mercy bestowed on those who Trust in Him.

God is with us all.

Nature of Humility

When we Live a Life of Service to God,
we are Called to act with Humility.

It is never to judge another.

Judge not your spouse for their transgressions,
remove the log from your eye,
before the tree you see in theirs.

Remove the splinters from your family,
and act with humility doing so.

Teach your spouse,
with humility,
to Love you.

Teach your Children,
to Love,
with Humility,
Given by God,
in His Gospel.

The Humility expressed in a loving relationship,
is Given by God.

If you find you are not Humble,
ask the Lord God to humble you.

Humility is found in wanting nothing,
and giving all.

Humility is never found,
in claiming devotion,
and sanctitude.

Nature of the Book of Life

Jesus wrote All Things in the Beginning.

We are all Written,
in the Book of Life.

Records are kept of all transgressions,
and they were Written in the Beginning.

You are not free.
Live a Life of Freedom,
and Forgive All People,
of what they were given to do.

Be Free.
Be without guilt,
but be Taught,
in your time.

Nature of Marriage

The Nature of Marriage is this:

"My People,
Love your spouse,
in every way,
all through your life,
from conception,
to the End."

Marriage is Eternal.