Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Man

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Nature of Man

Nature of Man

Nature of Knowledge

This is the Revelation of the Nature of Man. It begins with Teaching on the Nature of Knowledge. That is what Jesus gives to us in our minds.

This is the way of Jesus Christ. He gives us knowledge to believe in Him. To share in His divine mystery. And to believe in what He has done.

How can we experience the Divine without Knowledge from Him?

There is more that we can see in His Creation than He gives us knowledge for. There is a future experience we will find which cannot be understood by any creature or any man.

This is what God created in our minds: an ability to receive Knowledge and share that knowledge with others.

How can we live our lives without this knowledge. It is entirely from Him. Knowledge is the fruit of Teaching we receive from the Almighty.

When we receive His Wisdom we are receiving Knowledge from Him.

There is more we can find in His Gospel. Here we find both man and God created by Himself for Himself and for us.

You need to experience Knowledge in order to feel like you have learnt something. Without the experience of receiving Knowledge, we would be empty vessels without reasoning.

Matthew wrote about a place called Heaven. This is what was given to us to believe in the Messiah. A Salvation for all without suffering or death. It is entirely the case that this revelation of the afterlife was given in Him, through Him, with Him and from Him.

There was a time when there was nothing but God. Jesus was begotten with God, He was the First and will be the Last, He is eternal, unchanging and forever with Himself.

How can we experience the Divine Mystery without His Knowledge?

There is no knowledge without Him. All knowledge given to all creatures is from Him. When we read a textbook or newspaper we don’t receive knowledge from the text we read, or the images we look at. Instead Jesus gives us want to read what we read and in turn fills our thoughts with what it is we are reading. This is the gift God give us.

There is more to Knowledge than any man can fathom. Knowledge is created by God, for us to experience Life.

There is more to receive than His Truth in the times we live.

Nature of Desire

This is the gift Jesus has shown to be with Him. Our Nature is driven by a union with His Spirit.

Desire is fundamental to how mankind lives. We receive wants and desires in our hearts to give us fulfilment of our Experience. Without desire, our Experience would be rotary, without meaning and without freedom.

There is simply no meaning to life, without experiencing desires for what we do.

People listen to what is in your hearts, it is for you to live by.

How can we know what life is like if we don’t experience Him. How can we know what it is we are made for, if we do not experience Life?

Where do we find God in our hearts?

We find Him in the Love He shares with us through experiencing desires and having them fulfilled. This is what He gave us to experience, the joy and suffering of both receiving and patiently enduring our desires.

Have more from the Lord this day.

There is truth in the teaching He has given the Church.

Desire is a fundamental aspect of Human Nature. Here we find the meaning of Knowledge. It is to experience desire that we become in close union with Wisdom, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Nature of Experience

Jesus teaches us what we learn through His Experience. Experience is the Law of His Life. It is that Experience is wholly formed in the mystery of time and space.

Experience is our time to be with Him.

Nature of Hope

Every utterance of Experience guides us to New Life. God has given us a guiding path in which Our Desires may one day be relieved.

Hope is this guiding path, it is what we know is the most important element of our being. There is more to know about this. Hope is the fruit of Experience, Love, and Desire.

There is more to learn about Hope than one thinks of. Hope is the cause of all happiness. Suffering is relieved through Hope.

Nature of Intuition and Premonition

In finding Wisdom through our innate understanding of man, we are given knowledge of what it is we think is happening in others, other beings, other things, and elsewhere in His Creation.

This Wisdom is from Jesus.

He created a feeling within us of a certain knowledge which we could not attain through natural means.

Nature of Activity and Interaction

There is a motion we go through in life that can only be explained as our desire to move, to speak, to listen, to eat, and to affect the world we live in.

Jesus gives to us the ability to interact with one another to gain Wisdom from each other and experience this wisdom in every day life. If we didn’t have this interaction we would not experience Life.

Activity drives interaction with others. There is a reason Jesus gives us human activity.

When we give to others a smile, we are showing them how we feel about them. This interpreting of emotions in others is our cue to experience the love of another.

How can we experience the activity of others and gain Wisdom from it?

It is in activity that we express our love for one another, and for His Creation.

Nature of Thought

When we think we are listening to the utterances of God in our minds. It is Him in our hearts who is speaking to us. This is to experience the Divine Plan for us.

Thinking is the process of hearing God speaking to us. We learn from the thoughts we have.

Nature of Love

The sensation of love is just the feeling. Love is both an emotion and a Spiritual Axiom. In Divine Union we experience His Love for us in all that we do.

By taking our time to feel Him in our hearts, we see the Truth He has given.

Love has some kinds: love for another, love of our lives and His Creation, and the antipathy of love: suffering. By classifying love into these types, we see there is more than meets the eye to the way our desire works.

We want to experience love from Jesus first and foremost. This is our reason of being.

In experiencing the love of Jesus in our hearts, we are given want to share it with others. This love for another is both familial, brotherly and conjugal.

What is it that gives us the feeling or sensation of love? The emotions we experience drive our inmost happiness, and likewise with suffering.

Lust is a form of conjugal experience which drives the need to reproduce.

When we experience love, we form a bond with Him and His Creation. All creatures experience Love.

Nature of Divine Presence

His Place of Worship is the sanctity of man’s soul.

The Divine Nature is this: to be in Love with all things, and everything He created.

Nature of Eternity

Eternity cannot be experienced in man’s lifetime. It is through Faith that we know of it, that we want it, and that we have hope in it.

There is a time for us to be with Jesus.

Nature of Faith

Faith is the culmination of Knowledge, Desire and Hope. It transcends from the Almighty.

How can we receive Faith if we have not received it? Faith is given to you when it is time for it to be given.

Jesus bore Faith in us when He created mankind.

Nature of the Eucharist

The joy of Christ is found in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

Life throughout Heaven and the Universe is Christ’s Body.

He is in all of His Creation, wholly unified in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Nature of Freedom

The gift Jesus gives to all creatures is that of the sensation of Free Will.

How can we feel free if there is no such thing as a free will? How do we experience freedom of thought, if there is no such thing?

This is the illusion Jesus created in us.

It is so we have a feeling of doing things ourselves, and not being slaves to a power that has control over us. It is though that He does.

What does this mean for evil in the world? God created good, just as He asks us to bear the suffering He created also.

He gives suffering to us because that provides people with Hope. Hope without suffering is meaningless. Faith without Hope is empty. It is with Faith, Hope and Love which we are wholly in union with Christ.

This is the meaning of Life.

Nature of Man

This is a complete revelation of the Nature of Man as given to His Apostle Timothy.

There is time to know how to be with Jesus.

The Nature of Man is this: to be servants of the Most High.

There is meaning to being a servant. It is not that He does not serve us too. When we serve each other with Love, Peace, Humility and Wisdom, we are sharing in the Divine Nature of God.

Jesus Christ be with us always and forever.