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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Love

Kensington, UK

Nature of Love

Nature of Love

Nature of Truth

Jesus was Crucified to Shine a Light to the Gentiles.
His Mercy entered the hearts,
of all Christians,
and a New Teaching was Given to All People.

His Gospel was imparted,
to Show the Way,
to Israel.

God Gave All People,
His Gospel,
to Free them from their Suffering.

God Released All Gentiles,
from Exile.

His Crucixion,
is Truth.

His Suffering,
is Truth.

Our Suffering,
is Truth.

Jesus Gave His Gospel,
to Free us from the Bondage of Sin.

We are Free.

Nature of Trust

When we Trust Our Lord,
we find Truth,
in Suffering.

When we Trust Our Lord,
we are at Peace.

Suffering without Trust,
is painful.

Suffering with Trust,
is Freedom.

Trust in the Lord,
and you will be Free.

Nature of Mercy

Jesus relieves us from our Suffering,
with Hope,
with Trust in His Plan,
and Purpose Given in those times we Suffer.

Mercy is Given,
to all those,
who Trust in Him.

When we Trust in Him,
we share in the Love that Christ Brings,
All People.

and Peace is found in Mercy.

Our Lord is Merciful,
He never lets us Suffer more than we can bear.

In time,
we are Taken,
and Delivered from our Suffering.

In time,
the Lord's Mercy,
Shines through.

Nature of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the act of letting go.

We have Suffered.
The Lord's Hand rests on your heart,
and forgiveness heals our Guilt.

What we have done,
to each other,
we have done to the Lord.

What we have not forgiven,
we have not forgiven the Lord,
for that He has done to us,
through His Servants,
the Sinful,
whom He Loves.

Good is not Evil.
But Evil is with God.

Good is Evil.
Goodness is God.

Forgiveness is humble,
forgiveness is kind,
forgiveness is patient,
and most of all Forgiveness is what God Wants.

Nature of Charity

When we find the Suffering of the World,
in need,
of what we were Given by God,
we must give all we have,
without reward,
without knowledge of what we are doing.

Humility is never uncharitable.
Humility is never unloving.

Charity is because of Him.
Charity is for Him.
And we are all Called to a Life of Charity.

Charity is Love.

If you believe a Merciful Act needs not for all you have to be given away,
the wine in your stores,
the bread on your table,
the last loaf in your basket,
then you are not Merciful,
are not Humble,
are not Called.

Charity is forgiving.
Charity is kind.
Charity is humility.
Charity is loving.
Charity is peaceful.
Charity is not knowing how you will make ends meet,
after you give everything away,
to those who need,
the last crumb,
in your basket.

Nature of Peace

We are in Suffering in these times.
There is no more for us,
if we do not try to mend our ills.

Suffering induces pain.

Believe and Trust in the Lord's Plan,
and give away your life,
for those of your neighbours children.

Peace is found,
in His Coming.

Wait for the Lord.

Nature of Love

Love is the Meaning of Life.

Love is God Himself,
All His Being,
All His Kingdom.

Love is God.
God is Love.