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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Life

Kensington, UK

Nature of Life

Nature of Life

Nature of the Beginning

In the Beginning,
was Him.

In the Beginning,
we were.

In the Beginning,
we were Created.

In All Things,
we are.

In All Time,
we exist.

At the End,
we Go to Him.

Our Being,
is Everlasting.

We Exist,
not in the world physical,
but in His Realm,
where He Exists,
where He Was,
where He Is,
where He Will Be Forever.

Our Lives do not have Meaning,
except the anima.

Nature of the Soul

Our souls,
are with us.

Our souls,
breathe in us.

Our souls,
are our life.

Our bodies,
are simply vessels,
which carry out the actions our souls are Instructed,
by Jesus,
to do.

Our souls,
are with Him.
Our souls,
have Life,
only for God.

Nature of Life

Life is found in the Union of our souls purpose with the Most High.

We have no Life,
except the Meaning Given to us by God.

When we talk about Life,
we talk about birth,
about things which have no death,
about things New.

Life is Always New.

We are Children,
for Eternity.

Our bodies decay,
but our souls,
are Eternal.

Life is found in our hearts.

Life is not found in this world.

Look around you now.
You may see light,
what meaning is this light,
but to guide your Way Home?