Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Heaven

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

Nature of Heaven

Nature of Heaven

All these Things are True.
Pray to God the Prayer for Truth,
'Jesus, is this True?'
and receive Him in your thoughts.

There is no other way to verify such Revelation,
than to ask Jesus Himself.

Nature of Life

I have been Given this Life.
I have been Given the Life I have been Given.

In Truth we are all Given the lives we have been Given.
No Life is Given which is not Given by Jesus,
for them to Live.

All Life is Given by Jesus.

When we are Given a Gift,
we take it.

When we are Given the Gift of Life,
we have it.

Life is to Live.
Life is to be Joyful.
Life is not for sin.

Sin is done when we disobey the Will of God.
Sin is done,
by all people.

Sin is Given by the Lord God.

Our Lives in Eternity,
are not sinful.

Sin in Eternity,
is no more.

When we sin,
we do wrong,
we cause Suffering.
Sin is not what is done in Eternity.

Suffering in Eternity,
is part of Life.

What Suffering must we endure,
if not the sins of others?
If not our own sin?

Suffering is found,
in waiting for the fulfillment,
of His Promise.

His Promise,
is Everlasting Life,
in Him.

Suffering is found,
in waiting,
for the End,
the Omega,

Suffering is Life,
Suffering is waiting for Him,
Suffering is His Crucifixion.

Joy is Life,
Joy is finding Him,
Joy is Him.

Nature of Will

Our will on Earth,
we find sinful.

Our will in Heaven,
is His Will.

Our will is Taken,
and Becomes His Will,
by the Glory of God,
all will,
is given to God.

When we see Him,
we will rejoice.

When we find Him,
we will give Him everything of our lives.

He is Perfect,
and His Radiance,
Shines Forth,
in All Things.

He is our Love,
He is our Life,
He is our Wisdom,
He is our Truth.

His Will,
brings All Things,

His Will,
bears All Things,

His Will,
takes All Things,
to Eternity.

His Will,
brings about,
His Coming.

Wait for Eternity,
in Suffering,
for His Will.

The End,
One Day,
in Jesus Christ,
the Alpha,
the Omega,
the Beginning,
the End.

Nature of Freedom

What Life is found in service to the Will of God?

Are we slaves?

We are in fact 'slaves' to His Will.
But it is not bondage,
but servitude.

Service to the Good Shepherd,
is not bondage,
it is instead pleasing to our souls.

We are Served,

We are Given,

We are His Servants,
and we are Free.

The Illusion of Freedom,
is in All People.

We are Eluded,
to Give us,
the Gift of Life.

Nature of Everlasting Life

Everlasting Life, is Free.
Everlasting Life, serves His Will.
Our lives on Earth, also are Free.
Our lives on Earth, serve His Will.

His Will,
is Eternal.

His Will,
Gives Life to All Things.

The Life Eternal,
is for All People,
All Things,
and All Creatures,
and All Things.

is All Things.

Life is Jesus.
Life is in Jesus.
Life is from Jesus.
Life is of Jesus.
Life is for Jesus,
and for All Things.

For you.

What do we find in our Lives of Service to the Most High?

We find Love,
we find Peace,
we find Joy,
we find also Suffering.

Evil is not for Eternity.

Evil is in the world.

Everlasting Life,
sees only a glimpse of Evil.

Everlasting Life,
is Joyful,
in Suffering.

Nature of Paradise

I am with no one without Jesus.
I am with only Jesus with anyone.

Jesus is the Meaning of Life.

Paradise is found when we have Jesus.
Jesus Gives Life to All Things.

Paradise is in our hearts,
when we are with nothing,
we only have Jesus.

Jesus brings Meaning to Life.
Without Jesus, Life is without Meaning.

Everything is found in Jesus Christ.

Jesus is Paradise.

Paradise on Earth,
has a Meaning.

Paradise on Earth is found with the Peace of Jesus Christ,
between All People,
in All Things,
even in times of Suffering.

Suffering is found in Paradise.
Paradise has Suffering.

When we wait for the Fulfillment of the Ascension,
we Suffer,
knowing Peace,
is not what we have.

We Suffer,
knowing the Journey we take,
is towards Peace,
and we have no Peace,
without His Coming.

Nature of The Resurrection

In the Crucifixion,
we destroyed Life.

In the Resurrection,
He Forgave us.

In the Resurrection,
we have Peace.

In the Resurrection,
is found Paradise.

Paradise is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The Resurrection is Life Eternal.

Life Eternal,
is the Resurrection.

And the Ascension,
is just the beginning of His Day.

His Day is Here,
and we are in the End Times.

His Day Comes with Spiritual Help,
to Fulfill our Calling,
in the times we Suffer.

When we need Him,
we Pray.

When we need Him,
He Gives us Prayer.

When we need Him,
His Sweet Heart is with us.

Nature of His Realm

Where is it that our souls live?
Where does Jesus keep All Things?
Where are we, if not in Creation?

We are neither here, nor there.
We are without a home,
we are in exile.

Jesus lives in a Place Indescribable.

He is in Heaven,
He is on Earth,
He is throughout All Creation.

Jesus is in All Things.

But we are nowhere,
but with Him.

We are only With Jesus.

We are only in His Heart.

Any Experience we have,
contrary to this Understanding,
is False.

We are not Real,
except in Him.

Nature of Everlasting Teaching

Our Suffering is to Bear for Eternity.
Our Suffering has Meaning.

The Nature of Truth,
is Eternal.

It is ever growing.
It is ever changing.
It is everlasting.

For Eternity,
we will be Taught.

We will rest,
every day,
every night.

But we will Suffer,
this Teaching,
for Eternity.

Each day,
brings Joy,
when we Understand.

Each night,
brings Peace,
when we have been Taught.

How long must we Suffer?

Is it really Suffering,
knowing Our Lord is with us?

Nature of Prayer

For Eternity,
we bow to the Most High,
pleading with Him,
for the End.

For Eternity,
we await Jesus Christ,
and All Things.

For Eternity,
we await the Promises which He Gives us.

for Eternity,
in Peace.

Nature of the Congregation of Saints

The Revelation of John,
writes of a Court.

That Court,
is the Congregation of Saints.

The Court Judges,
with Jesus,
telling them how to Judge.

All Will,
in Heaven,
is Given to Jesus.

Those who are Chosen,
are the 144,000,
to the Coming of Christ.

The Congregation of Saints,
is Infinite.

Creation is Eternal.
Our Earth, is not.

Nature of Judgement

When we consider,
a burning lake of sulfur,
we must Understand,
the Fire,
that Descended on the Apostles.

They were Taught.
We are being Taught.

Judgement is Here.
is this Age.

is Now.

You are being Taught,
with the Fire of the Holy Spirit,
the Fulfillment,
of His Ascension,
His Coming.

Jesus is Here!
Jesus is Here!

Nature of sainthood

All People go to Heaven.

Sainthood, little s,
is for All People.

Desire to be a saint,
not a Saint.

Desire to take the place of those who are Sinful,
and you will have room to fit through,
the eye of that needle.

Nature of Divine Mercy

Jesus has Mercy on those who Suffer.
For Eternity,
Divine Mercy,
is Jesus Christ,
Giving All People,
Respite from their Suffering.

All People Suffer.
All People must Pray for His Mercy and Love.

'Jesus, grant us Mercy, and heal us of our guilt.'

Nature of Heaven

Heaven is not Infinite.
Heaven is to be Recreated,
by the Lord God,
to Fulfill,
His Plan.

is made Perfect,
in Eternity.

is where we have Peace.

heaven on Earth,
is to be found,
in 100 years,
from the Teaching,
Given to His Apostle.

His Heart,
is Found,
in Paradise.