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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of God

Kensington, UK

Nature of God

Nature of God

Nature of Jesus

"I am the Lord God.
I Am."

"Life is found in Me."

"I Am."



"I Am Jesus Christ."

Your Saviour.
Your Creator.
Your God.

Nature of God

God is the Father,
your Creator.

God is the Son,
your Redeemer.

God is the Holy Spirit,
your Teacher.

God is Eternal.

God is All Things.

God is Jesus Christ.

Nature of the Holy Friendship

"I Am."
"I Was."
"I Will Be."

"I Was."
"I Will Be."
"I Am."

"I Am your Lord Jesus Christ,
and I Am your Friend."

Peace be with All Those who are Weary,
Come and Find Him.