Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Forgiveness

Sale Moor, UK

Nature of Forgiveness

Nature of Forgiveness

Nature of Sin

Sin was Taught by Jesus Christ.
It was Taught by the Prophets,
and is Known to All People.

It is in Human Nature,
it is Known.

It is seen as Evil.

It is not the Nature of Sin.

These things are not Known.

When a sinful person,
causes Suffering,
to another,
it is Suffering,
which they cause.

This sin,
is their Calling.

These sins,
make them,

Jesus makes them sin.

Jesus makes them sin.

Jesus is not sinful.

They are.

What do they suffer,
the sinful?

Lack of Peace.

What then is sin?

It is without Meaning,
other than that they are sinful.

Jesus gives them sinfulness.

They are the Camel.
They are Judas.
And they are Loved.

They are in Heaven,
after their deaths.

All known sinners,
go to Heaven.

This is the Nature of the Divine.

Heaven is for All People.
Heaven is for All.

Jesus did not Create,
to destroy.

Jesus Loves All.

Where then is Justice?

It is Known,
that Our Lord is Just.
Is Righteous.

How is it Just to give Sinfulness,
and not Deliver them from their ways.

These things need to be Understood.
They are His Gospel.

It is not Just,
to judge anyone.

This is His Gospel.

Jesus Judges you.

In judgement,
you receive Truth,
from The Holy Spirit.

You feel Guilt,
for your judgement.
You receive Truth,
to humble you,
to Teach you,
to give you New Life.

It is not the case, that Judgement is not what you should believe in.
It is the case though,
that the Day of Judgement,
is already here.

Judgement is for Jesus to Teach you,
right here,
in these times.

The Fire of The Holy Spirit,
Engulfs All the World.
This is the Revelation of John.

The Saints await,
Judgement on All People.

Only those who Know,
also have been Judged.

Nature of Guilt

Why do you feel Guilt,
for sinning,
against the Lord God?

Guilt is to Experience,
the Suffering,
you have born,
on others.

All Guilt,
is Given by God.

It is to Teach,
that you are with Sin.

It is to Teach,
another Way of Life.

These things are clearly ignored,
by many,
for their Lives.

They are not ignored,
for Eternity.

All People,

All People,
are Taught,
when the Hour Comes.

In Heaven,
we are Taught,
we are all Always Sinful.

We receive Guilt,
for Eternity.
We Suffer Guilt,
of our sins,
for Eternity.

How then is Heaven Peaceful?

Guilt is not Experienced by the sinful,
it is Experienced by the Redeemed.
Those Redeemed are still Sinful,
and that is True Redemption,
in recognising you will always be Imperfect.

Perfection is never attained by anyone.
For Eternity.

Perfection is Jesus Christ,

Nature of Reconciliation

What is the point, of Reconciliation, if we will know to be redeemed anyway?

You are not Redeemed,
until the Hour Comes.

Those who feel Guilt,
are not yet Redeemed.

Redemption Comes when Guilt comes to Fruition,
and Knowledge is Given,
that they are sinful,
for Eternity.

is Peaceful,
it Bears Peace.

We cannot know,
who is Redeemed,
we can only Know,
through God.

Redemption is for you.
Pray for Forgiveness,
of your sins.

Pray with the Church,
for the Forgiveness of All Sins.

Pray with all people,
to Jesus,
for the Forgiveness of sinners,

These things need to be done,
for you.

If you do not Pray,
it is not the Hour.

The Hour is,
Known only to God.

When we are Redeemed,
we are in Union with the Most High.
He gives us Peace,
and Knowledge that we are close.

Pray for Him to be near you,
and never leave your side.

His Sweet Heart,
is for you.

Nature of The Crucifixion

His Crucifixion was the most important article of Faith,
for over 2000 years.

It is His Crucifixion, is Eternity.

His Second Coming, is the fulfillment of His Ascension.

He will come in the clouds,
to bring Hope to many.

The Age of Peace,
begins with Him.

His Crucifixion, was born in Him.
His Crucifixion, was Chosen by Him.
His People, who Slaughtered Him,
were made to do so,
by Him.

Why would He do Sin to Himself?

He Died to Free all sinners.
He Called all sinners,
to Die with Him.

He Created All People,
to Live in Him.

All Life Comes from Him.

Judas, sealed His Death, with Love.

Judas, Pilate, even Herod, are in Heaven.

These things are clear, in the Nature of Man.

Good becomes Evil.
And Evil is known to be from Good.

These are intellectually,
and emotionally,
difficult subjects for All People,
of all faiths.

Why is God Evil?

He is not.

We are Evil.
We are Satan.

Mankind is Satan.

We are Evil.
Our Desire is Sinful.

We are Redeemed,
in His Crucifixion.

Jesus bore All People,
in His Womb.

Mary bore Jesus,
in His Womb.

Mary and Jesus Bear All People,
in His Womb.

His Womb is Mary.
His Womb is Her.

Why does a Man, even a Man of God, have a Womb?

Man does not have a womb.
Woman has a womb.

Man is not woman.
Woman is not man.

God though is from Mary.
Mary is from God.

Both have a Womb.
That Womb is God's.
That Womb is Hers.

That Womb is Mary.
That Womb is not Jesus.

Jesus and His Crucifixion,
Created His Womb.

How is this?

Creation, was in the Beginning.
In the Beginning, His Womb was Created in His Crucifixion.
All Things were Born in His Crucifixion.
His Crucifixion is All Things.
All Things were found in His Suffering.
His Suffering was Created for All People.

Jesus, gives you, Knowledge of the absurdity, of these things.
These things are Absurd.
Pray to Him for Truth.
They are True.

Mary is not God.
God is not Mary.

This is to be Understood in John's Revelation.

Mary bears All People in Her Womb.

Mary bears Jesus, in Her Womb.

Jesus is not Her Womb.
But Her Womb is in Jesus.

This is the Mystery of Creation.

All Things were born in His Crucifixion.

His Crucifixion was the Fulfillment of Creation.

Creation is Infinite,
His Suffering is Infinite,
All Things are Suffering with Him in His Crucifixion,
for all Eternity.

Beauty is found, in Life.

His Crucifixion is Eternity.
Eternity, ends with His Crucifixion.
The Beginning Exists for His Crucifixion.
His Crucifixion is Happening Right Now.

When we sin,
we drive the Nails into His Hands and Feet,
Scourge Him,
Humiliate Him,
and Pierce His Heart,
for no reason at all,
than to witness He Is Dead.

This is Known to All People.
The Suffering we bear,
is from Him.

The Suffering we create,
is from Him.

The Suffering we do,
to others,
was on Him.

All Suffering is shared with Jesus Christ.

He is God.
He did not need to Create Things this Way.
But Loved us,
and Created Beauty,
in All Things.

Nature of Hope

He descended into Hell,
and on the Third Day,
Rose to Eternity.

Hell is not as it seems.
It is as it is Written.

Jesus Freed the Suffering Sinners,
the Deceased,
the Prophets,
the Kings,
and All those who had died before.

They were waiting.
For Eternity.

He Descended into Hell,
in the Present Day.

He Descends into Hell,
for all Eternity.

He Descends, to Free us from Suffering.

In Glory, He Rises each day.

On the Third Day, "He Rose Again."

On each day, "He Rises For Eternity."

The Third Day, was The Third Day.

Each Day is Always.

The Third Day is Eternity.

Always is the Third Day.

Our Hope comes in the Third Day.

Our Hope is in Eternity.

Eternity is to Hope for.

An Eternity of Joy we await.

Jesus gives you,
Hope for Joy.

Hope for Joy,
and await Suffering.

Peace is found in Suffering,
when we Hope.

Hope is given when Faith is found.
Have Faith in His Crucifixion,
for Eternity.

What Meaning is to be found in His Crucifixion?

Life is Him.
His Crucifixion is Life Itself.

The Humility Jesus Gave to All Things,
is found in Him.

Be humble,
and accept Suffering,
for an Eternity with Him.

In Eternity,
we Suffer.

Hope for an Eternity Impossible of Joy.

In Him,
is the Impossible.

An Eternity of Joy is Possible in Him.