Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Eternity

Sale Moor, UK

Nature of Eternity

Nature of Eternity

Nature of Infinity

What is Infinite?

Is it a time which stretches out forever?
Is it a time which always exists?

It is all time, for all eternity.

Infinity is not to be confused with infinite Creation.
What is Created, is always.
Always, everything is Created.
It never was not.

There is an infinite number of things.
All things were Created in the Beginning.
Nothing exists that has not already been Created.
Everything has been Created,
and is brought into Being in the Beginning.

Live was the Word that was said.
All things are alive.

The Earth under your feet, contains Life.
The rocks in Andromeda, are Life.
The Sun, uninhabitable, is alive.

What meaning does this have?

Jesus is Life.
He is in All Things.

What is True is the physical world, is not real.
It has no meaning.
It is an illusion.

You are spirit.
Jesus creates you.

These things cannot be known to anyone.
We can never experience them,
but we can receive Divine Knowledge.

These things have meaning.
Science has meaning only for now.

Eternity will never be explained through human thought.
It can be Understood,
but it cannot be explained.

All Things are Eternal. All Things can never be known.

Nature of Infinite Existence

Experience is Infinite.
Experience can never be completed.
Jesus, knows all Experience for All Things.
That is God Knows All.

Jesus gives Infinite Life to All Beings.
Jesus takes All Things to Infinity.
All Beings, All Creatures, All Souls.

There is no Creature without a Soul.

What then is a Soul?
It is Life.
From Jesus.

What meaning is there if they do not Know God?
All Creatures Experience the Unknown.

Infinity is not Known to anyone.
Infinity can never be Experienced. Experience goes on for Infinity.

Nature of Time

Time is not Infinite.
Time is not Infinity.
The World you live in will end one day.
You are not in The World.

There is more, after you leave this World.
There is more, after you come to God.

The World is not just the Earth.
It is the whole Universe you live in.
The theory known today is not True.

I have Everything in My Power.
The Entirety of Time, is within My Plan.
Time can easily be Created once more. Time exists in other Worlds.

Time will one day, pass away.
It is not near, don't wait for it.

Your lives, and all your descendants will pass away in Peace.
Wait for My Coming, and thereafter, for Eternity.

This is Teaching Most Holy.

Nature of Heaven

The time you Experience is in Heaven too.
Heaven is not in your World.

One day, a New Heaven will become.
Angels, Saints, and saints are all waiting for the Coming of this Age.

Wait with them,
wait with Joy, wait in Hope,
and see the World to Come.

Jesus is with All People.
All People.
All People.

Preach a new message of hope.

When I come to deliver you from the Suffering you have in the World right now,
Suffering you bear for Me,
you will hear Me,
see Me,
and know Me, as your God.

Nature of the Everlasting Life

Life is Eternal.

There is no more, than Eternity.

Life is as you know it right now.

and Prayer.

What is also True,
is you will always enjoy your time.

You will though, for eternity, always have Suffering.
There is no meaning to Experience without both.

Heaven is where All Things will never be apparent.
Only what I tell you.
For Eternity.

As you know, from My Apostle John, they are waiting.
They Suffer.
But also have Joy.

Heaven will never bore you.
Heaven is where you belong.
All of you.
Even you.

Nothing you can do ever,
to escape Heaven.
You will always go there.

The more you do, in your world,
the richer reward in Heaven.

You will do this,
if I give the Call to do so.

If you desire, holiness,
be holy.

If you desire riches,
riches are far greater in Heaven.

If you desire poverty,
if you desire righteousness,
if you desire all things in My Gospel,
the greatest reward is given to you.

If you desire anything other than Suffering,
Suffering awaits you anyway for Eternity. You will never escape it,
it is part of Life.

Eternity grants rest,
and rest is part of Life too.

Never want to Suffer for all Eternity.
Never want hell,
a place I Taught to early believers.
It was for a different Age.

The Age to Come is to be Peaceful.
Free yourself of the selfish Desire to escape hell.

Eternity is for All People.
Eternity is for you!

These are the words of your Creator.
Timothy, is My Apostle, who writes them.

Jesus Christ is your Saviour,
He awaits you, in the Paradise that awaits.