Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Creation

Sale Moor, UK

Nature of Creation

Nature of Creation

Nature of the Beginning

This is what Jesus Was,
Will Be Forever.

Everything was in Him.

Everything that became,
that will be,
that is;
everything was in Him in the Beginning.

Nothing that will ever be Created,
was not found in Jesus.

These were the time, not times, He became.
Everything was Known in that Moment.
There is no meaning to existence without this Moment,
without His Word,
without Life.

Jesus takes all things through to Completion.
That Perfection will never be Experienced.
But Jesus is Perfection Himself.

He is the First, and the Last.
Hope for the Coming of Christ.

His Will drives all Creation.

Everything He became,
everything He was,
everything He will always Be,
is Love.

Love is Him.

Nature of Paradise

We will not know no Suffering for Eternity.
We have rest each day.

These things are True.

Suffering we receive,
because Paradise is given.
Rest is this Paradise.

Suffering gives meaning to Paradise.

You will always want, Suffering.
You will always desire, Paradise.

Paradise is found everywhere.
Paradise is Truly Found in your heart.

Heaven is a world in waiting.
Heaven is a place to rest.
Heaven is where we see Jesus.
Heaven is Paradise to Experience.

Heaven was Created in the Beginning.
Heaven will never be destroyed.

Creation lives on for Eternity.

We have this time,
to experience a glimpse of Creation.

Nature of the Unseen

What is True?
What is Real?

Everything exists without even being Seen.

Nothing can be seen without Jesus showing it to you.

Everything Seen is what Jesus shows to your Soul.

It is personal,
it is temporal,
it is fallible.
It is the Nature of Being.

Life is surreal beyond imagination.

Everything Jesus Created,
is never to be seen.

Only our hearts,
may know what is Created.

Only Hope can show us,
what we want to see.

Faith is the fundament of Life.

Nature of All Things

All Beings were Created in that Moment.
Creation itself, was Created in this Moment.
Creation is for All Things.

He created All Things because He desired them.
He Created His Desire within Him.
He Created His Desire to be fulfilled.

All Things were created for Him to Desire them.
His Desire was created for All Things.

Love was created for All Things.
Love created Desire.

All Things can never be Known,
nothing is ever Known.

Nature of Eternity

There is a Place for All Things in His Creation.
Everything exists when it is Created.
It has existed always.
It will never be destroyed.

We were Created with Him.
We were Created for Him.

Never will we know the entirety of what He Creates.

There is no meaning to anything, without Eternity.
Never have you not existed.
Never will you not exist.

This is foreign to everyone.
This is Life.

This is Creation.

Nature of Substance

There is no meaning to anything in existence,
except Love.

Science has no meaning.
Everything science knows is False.

Human thought is where truth can be found.
Human thought will never be known.

Suffering is the thought of Love.
Suffering is meaning of Life.

Suffering in Love, is Love.
Suffering without Love, is suffering.
Suffering in suffering is pain.

Beauty is Suffering with Love.

The Substance of all Creation is Love.

Nature of Creation

The Word is Love.
The Word means Love.
Life means Love.
Love though is not just Life.
Love is Him.

Anima is to become.
We became in His Love.

There is no meaning to anything,
and there never will be,
without Him.

He is Love.

Everything is Created in Him.
Everything that will ever Be is in Him.

He is in All Things.
He Is.