Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Being

Sale Moor, UK

Nature of Being

Nature of Being

Nature of Life

This is the Way of His Truth.

He begets Life to All Beings,
All Things.

Life is Created in Him.
He is Life.
Life is Him.

This is His Word.

I Am.
I Am He.
I Am Me.

Take what you want from My Bounty.
My Bounty is All Things.
It is given to you,
for reasons known to Me.

This is Divine.
Divine is Life Myself.

What is the Nature of Life?
Where does it Come from?
Where do you go?

These things are answerable only with Truth.
Truth and Life are synonyms.

Truth is Life.
Life is Truth.

My Way of Truth and Life,
is your journey to Me.

In your lives,
you Experience.

In Experience,
I give you Life.

Life is the Essence of Creation.
Life is the Meaning of All Things.

When I Created you,
you were My children.

In Life,
you became My Brothers and Sisters.

You were brought into Being,
for Me.

I Created Myself,
for you.

Life is Me.

Nature of Whole Truth

These are the Ways of My Being.

I have taken All Things through Eternity.
The Shape,
the Nature,
the Knowledge,
of My Plan,
is Known only to Me.

What you see in Eternity,
in your Experience,
is just a glimpse of what Is.

Truth is the Totality of All Eternity.
Truth is All Things.

Perfection is found in Eternity.
Things right now are not Perfect.

Perfection is Desired.
Perfection is not reached in Time.

Truth is Perfection.
Your truth is imperfect.

The truth given to you,
is given by Me.
It is in time,
you will find more.

Truth can never be attained,
by you.

Only your truth,
can be found.

Your truth is all you'll know,

These things you will find,
in your lives.

Truth has no meaning,
except for Eternity.

Truth is never Whole.
Whole Truth can never be found by you.

What is there,
is Faith.

Faith in the Ever Lasting,
Faith in these Words.

Nature of Existence

You have an Experience,
given to you to Live.

Your existence,
is for Me.

I Created you,
I Bear you,
I Love you,
and you are Mine.

Existence, has no Meaning,
except this.

When you say you exist,
you mean no more than you believe,
in My Illusion.

That is the Nature of Free Will,
it is the Nature of My Reality,
which I have Created for you,
to Experience.

Experience is Beautiful,
Experience is Suffering,
Experience is Life,
Experience is Truth.

Truth is Beautiful,
Life is Suffering. Suffering is Truth,
and Beauty is the Meaning of Life.

There is more to Life,
than Suffering.
There is more to Life,
than Joy.

In Whole Truth,
you Experience Me.

In Life,
you Experience the Divine.

Life is Whole Truth,
that is,
you will never see Life in Eternity.

Your Existence,
is Life.
Your Existence,
is never real.

Nature of Suffering

When we were born,
in the Beginning,
we were formed in Our Mother's Womb.

Mary, the Mother of Life,
Created us,
in Him.

Jesus, formed Mary,
in Her Womb.

Mary is the Mother of All Life.

Mary was to Suffer,
her Son's Crucifixion.

She did this in those days,
She does this for Eternity.

His Wounds,
are found on Her.

His Suffering,
is Born on All Beings.

Jesus Suffered,
to give us Suffering.
Jesus Suffered,
to give us Life.

In Life, and Truth,
we are Created.

In Truth,
we are.

Nature of Being

It was to become.
It came.
It will be forever.

He is the Ever Lasting,
the First,
and the Last.

When you Understand Eternity,
you will ask,
what meaning are the First and the Last.

They have Meaning,
known only in His Realm.

Eternity is Infinite.

Life is Eternal.

Jesus is the First,
but there is no one,
but Him.

Jesus is the Last,
but this will never Be?

How is it that the First can be True?
How can there be a Last in Eternity?
Eternity is not Experienced,
by Jesus.

Eternity is Experience.

He is the Alpha,
the Omega,
the First, of All Things,
and He is the Last, of All.

Jesus is Our Creator.
Jesus is His Creator.
Jesus is The Word.
I Am.

Jesus Knows All Things.
Jesus Created Eternity.
Jesus Is Eternity.
Time Itself, is an Illusion.

What meaning is there for us?

I Am.

Understand these Words.
They are for you,
for your knowledge,
for Divine Understanding of the Nature of Life.

Jesus, is God.
Jesus, is God.
Jesus, is God.