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Diary of Wisdom and Love

And then I met Steve

Kensington, UK

I was told by Our Lord to leave the house early for my meal this evening. A festive banquet he has prepared for me, seemingly at Akira just by the tube stop.

I entered the new Parisian coffee shop on the corner of Wrights Lane, for a quick snack, and I was given want for food to curb my appetite.

After being reminded of the delights of Belgian cuisine with the tarte flambé like puff pastry thing I ordered, Our Lord gave me want to leave my coffee behind and head for a hair cut, and to buy more cigarettes.

On the way, I met Steve once more, and he told me of his problem in getting over to Belfast to see his family for Christmas.

This mad I have seen quite a few times over the last five years, and I am told he is important to the Lord's Plan.

I took him back to the Parisian coffee shop, and he ordered food that was nourishing to him.

This man's plight is the same as many this time of year, suffering loneliness and poverty on the streets of cities all over the world.

My friend Steve, I wanted to help.

After exploring ways to help him get to Belfast, I learned he was staying in the cold this night, and I saw there was no way to get the ferry over from Holyhead tonight.

I went to withdraw a small amount of cash, and he preferred the hostel, to anywhere else.

My good friend Steve was asked by Our Lord to start writing, and I discovered he was keen to write for many years. I introduced him to Day One and offered him help in publishing his work.

He claims dyslexia, but I do know he has been granted great intelligence, and a heart felt story to share with the world.

He will not go unnoticed forever.

Peace be with you, Steve.