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Diary of Wisdom and Love

The beautiful image of my dear friend

Kensington, UK

My dear friend,

Animosity will not be known forever.

Words were many, and lost their meaning. I am sorry.

You are indeed free, and I wrote many words to that effect which you can find in the private book.

What I want to relay from my experiences from Jesus of you, is a beautiful future for you, no matter which way you go.

Jesus gave me a vision of you, looking at a harvest moon, over an oriental city.

The image was taken by a photographer who was close to you, and he asked you to look at the beauty of the moon.

You saw beauty beyond all imagination, and crumbled to tears, looking back at the camera, in that beautiful expression you have.

The vision was in motion, but your tears were captured for all the world to see, on film.

The raindrops pouring from your eyes, were featured in Time Magazine.

They show the beauty in your heart, and your love of your Lord God and His Creation.

Peace be with you, my dear friend.


PS: instability is my middle name, but my devotion is unwavering.