Diary of Wisdom and Love

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Kensington, UK

And in the last few weeks, Jesus has asked me to set up a Meetup.com group, develop and release an iOS App for the Diary of Wisdom and Love and solve many issues in Grexie Pages' code which will allow me to release it.

Jesus has granted me Peace.

But it is I suffer still anxiety, loneliness, not depression, but a feeling of unhappiness in life.

I want my friends to know I need them.

Jesus, please grant me my friendships, which I hold so close to my heart.

In the next few days, I will have completed work on Grexie Pages, and will move to Grexie Cloud.

In the next few hours I will have Peace, working in the quietness of night, in the monastery of my apartment, and the balcony on the road.

Jesus, please grant me a new time, to Be.