Diary of Wisdom and Love

I need You, Jesus

Kensington, UK

My Lord, I have this sense of loss, this sense of surreality, this sense of not being who I want to be.

My Jesus, give me what I need to feel alive.

"Timothy, these words are Mine."

These words are yours.

"What difference does it make if I write, or you?"

"I am with you,
now is the time to be working."

"We have work to do these days."

"Set everything up,
so that when you do know someone,
they will have everything prepared for your life together."

"Nothing is written,
that isn't already done."

"Time I give you,
my dear child Tim."

Jesus, I need You so much.
Why have You been so quiet?

"I said to you yesterday,
I am in your thoughts.
Even when you don't hear me,
and know it is me,
I am there,
guiding your thinking,
your knowledge,
and your desires."

"Nothing has been done,
I did not Plan."

"Nothing will ever be Done,
until it is Time."