Diary of Wisdom and Love

The Body of the Church

Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, UK

The Church Living,
is the Holy Roman Catholic Church,
the Church of Wisdom and Love,
the Church.

Everyone know,
we are outside the body of Pope Francis' congregation.

We will serve you,
and we welcome you.

But Pope Francis,
is not aware of his position.

Pope Francis,
is to be Pope Emeritus,
from this moment on.

God bless you,
Pope Emeritus Francis,
you have served us well,
and I am lower than you.

Pope Emeritus Benedict,
is the living Pope of this age,
and He has authority to do what is necessary,
in years to Come.

Pray all People,
that this is Peaceful.

If Francis,
our Pope Emeritus,
wishes to excommunicate I,
I ask him,
to Pray to God,
and make it Infallible.

This prayer is the one which should be used:

'Jesus, should I excommunicate Timothy?'

If this Prayer is prayed,
record it on video,
out loud,
and record the Voice you Hear.

Publish it to YouTube,
and the entire Church.

If it is not Prayed,
then it is not to be done,
to excommunicate,

speak in your own language,
and change the words,
to what is natural for you.

Jesus, is this to be Done?

Pope Francis,
will never pray this prayer."

you are now the Pope."

Pope Emeritus Benedict,
is awaiting instruction,
from I."