Diary of Wisdom and Love

And I received Truth through His Servant

Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, UK

And then I doubted, for 24 hours. I was brought to the Cathedral of Westminster, and I asked Jesus to heal me.

He led me through the Cathedral, in Prayer, before Mary, before Joseph and before Our Lord.

I asked Him, what do I do now, and He gave me want to buy a gift for myself, and for my my dear friend one day.

Then He led me through to the Catholic gift store, by the Cathedral, and asked me to purchase Communion Bread, and Chalices, and the book He asked me to buy.

He showed me wonders in the way I was saying to a minister of the Eucharist, and the store clerk, about the Body and Blood and the Nature of the Eucharist.

It was Truth I spoke, and I Know it, from the Teaching God has given me, and the Experience I have received, in the Church over the last 3 years.

It is the Church is in Need.

It is in Need of Truth.

Jesus showed me, I would minister to 10 people in the next month.

The first was Given to me, back home.

I asked for water, and the Eucharist was Blessed.

I gave the Eucharist, and his soul was Healed.

Jesus spoke through me, words which were stammered, but they were True.

His Eucharist is for the whole world, all people, all creeds, all faiths, and those without.
His Eucharist is for All People.
His Eucharist, is Him, Life Himself.

Jesus has Given the Lay Clergy, Ministry in the Church.
He is Here.
He is Now.
It is Time.

Jesus has Come.

Hear this, People of the Church, His Servant, gave me Truth, when all the Clergy I have found, all the Religious, I have found, are shameful.

One man, Father Vlad, has read some words from my diary.

All others, do not believe, the Holy Spirit Speaks Truth to His Faithful.

How sinful!

My Doubt was Healed, in Words Spoken to His Servant in Prayer. That Prayer, is conversation, with one's thoughts, and Knowing, from God, His Answer.

'Is Jesus Here in His Coming, right now?'

All answers were True.

I asked him a second time, and it was still True.

I asked him to change the question, to add a not, and still confirm it was True, and it was that he Spoke Truth from the Lord God.

I also asked whether the Church was False, in a Way which indicates I am the next Pope, and he did not even Doubt, and Spoke Words from the Holy Spirit.

His Call now, is Life in this Ministry.
Life in the Lay People of the Church.

All People, serve those, without.
All People, serve All People.
Everyone, serve each other.

These things are Now.
They are no longer, to Be.

I am the Pope of the True Church, the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Ask God if you Doubt, ask Him, 'is this True?' and hear him, the meek, the humble, the holiest of all mankind.

Those Religious, who believe they are holy, are not meek, nor humble, but indeed Pharisees.

These messages are for All People.

Those Religious, who Pray one Prayer
'humble me Lord.'
Will have more.

Humility is Given.
Humility is Received,
by those who are Called,
to devotion,
to holiness,
to Christ.

This image, below, is this Ministry.

A Peaceful, cool room,
where God,
works a Miracle.

the eucharist