Diary of Wisdom and Love

The day I ask for excommunication from my parish priest

Sale Moor, UK

So, I wrote to Father Woolley a little discussion document before our meeting later today, knowing probably it wouldn't be read.

He gave me desire to write a little prophecy of the conversation I'll be having at 2pm with my Parish Priest.

Hi, Father Woolley.

'Hi, Tim!'

Do you mind if we sit down?

'Yes, come through, hope you don't mind dogs.'

Thank you, Father.

Father, I have a little problem. I sent you a discussion document I asked you to read, did you read it?

'Well, I saw an email yes, but I haven't really had time to read it all.'

Hmm. Well, it's ok, we can talk about it now.

'How can I help, Tim?'

Well, I have a feeling I need to ask the Bishop to file for excommunication. I believe I might be known as the anti-Christ.



'How is the treatment going? Are you still taking medication?'

Well no, I've been discharged, while I've been writing this stuff.

'When you say discharged, you mean from hospital?'

Well no, from any treatment whatsoever, I'm no longer on forced treatment, and they can't do it again.


'Well, I do know somethings about mental health, I am with that background before my ordination.'

Well, I know that, and that was kind of the problem I showed you in 2017. Did you remember that?

'Hmm. Well no, what happened?'


Well, the thing is, I've never been mentally ill. What you experienced was a kind of Demon in you, doing something that was against the Rites of Confession.

'Oh. Yes I remember now, but we weren't in confession were we.'

Well, no.

But, it was somewhat unchristian for you to say I was mentally ill, when I was in fear of hospitalisation, because God was talking to me, and you told my mother, who I said would hospitalise me, that I was mentally ill. In fact that happened didn't it that same day?

'Did it?'

Well, yes. In fact I was freed by Jesus' help with a certain law called Right of Discharge, knowing that I'd been quite suffering this for a number of years.

But anyway, back to the matter of excommunication.

I basically wrote in that email to you that I believe the Church is False.


'Well, what is it you want exactly?'

Well, I think really we need a kind of election for Pope Francis' Curia Council really. To kind of discuss this little government he's building, think it's called a Curia Constitution I believe.




Well the thing is, I don't really know what's going on, but this entire conversation is recorded in my diary from last night.

'What do you mean?'

Well, I want you to be put at ease. I'm not recording it, just prophesying it, around 11 hours before we had it.

'So you've written this last night?'

Well, yeah.

I know you're smiling, but yeah it seems to be going according to God's Plan.

Not exactly of course, because you have free will, don't you?

And basically I can't be bothered writing all the Hmms.

But basically I need excommunication I believe, and would appreciate a Last Rite of Communion before I leave the Church.

'Well, you should not really have Communion if you're saying things like that really.'

Well, not really, in fact I know Jesus will let me have Communion anytime I want.

He is the one doing it after all.

'You really think God is talking to you don't you.'

"I am."


'Tim, what can we do when we believe we need help?'

Well, good question. I have written this over a period of a few years, even to you by email.

The thing is, you don't seem to be praying the prayers I write.

Those prayers are given to you, to help you.

But, you don't want to pray them do you?

It seems only the lay people are praying them.


'What's the point you're trying to make exactly?'

Well, I said it really, the Church seems to be False.

'The Church is not False, Tim.'

How do you know?

'Well, why would you think the Church is False?'

Well, it's not that I think it's False, it's that God tells me it is.

Pretty much, when you failed to offer me Communion when I was in Moorside in 2019.

'Tim, this is rather odd.'

Well, the thing is, Father Woolley, I've introduced a number of lay people in prayer to Jesus, literally having God speak to them, and they're still doing so.

If I have a prayer that you can ask God, pretty much any question, and ask if it's True, but I've told you, Jesus won't answer the Clergy, what do you think you'll do?

'Well this does seem to be nonsense.'

What prayer do we pray to ask for Truth?

'Well, there isn't one really.'

How about this one: is this True?

'That's not a prayer.'

Well it is if you ask God. I even put it in a nice prayer card for you to print out and sent you by email, but you had no desire to read it.

'Well, I was busy.'

Well the thing is, you will have no desire to pray it, even if you read it.

'Well, that is nonsense, if I want to, I could pray any prayer.'

Well, why would you?

'Well I'm a free person, Tim, I can do what I want.'

Well that's not quite true, you have no free will.

'What do you mean?'

Well where is it in the Bible you have free will?

'Well, it's obvious.'

No it's not. In fact if we had free will, then God's Divine Plan simply couldn't work.

Predestination requires the lack of free will.

It is you feel free, and is the gift God gives us, Life, but none of us are free.

'Well, that just isn't true is it.'

What evidence do you have for this?

'Well, it's been known by many people in history, philosophers, everyone.'


Then what am I doing saying there's no free will, and proving it to you?

'What do you mean?'

Well, this entire conversation, more or less, is diarized on my diary last night.

'Well, if that's the case I'd like to read it.'

Well you can read it later, it's kind of a moot point.

I'd very much like excommunication please, because I want to be the next Pope.

'Tim, that's nonsense. Don't joke about things like that.'

Well I'm not.

You didn't offer me Communion, you haven't offered me Communion today, therefore I'm outside of the Body of the Church, aren't I?

'Well, let's attend Mass on Sunday and I can give you Communion then.'

Well the thing is, I'm given a new Liturgy really.

One of Peace and Love with All People.

I'm also told, in the Church of Wisdom and Love, the Holy Roman Catholic Church that would be, that all people should receive Communion, even those without baptisms.


Well, the thing is, are you really Christian if you don't believe in the fulfillment of the Ascension?

'What do you mean?'

Well John wrote that the Fulfillment of the Ascension would culminate in a period of Suffering, followed by Him Coming in the Clouds, didn't he?

'Hmm. Really?'

Well, yes, in fact I know the date.

2118-05-02 and at the time of His Death on the Cross 3:41pm.

'Hmm. Well that's not really known what time He Died.'

Well it is, it's Known to people like St Faustina.


Well, that's what the Hour of Mercy is about.

In fact, there's a reference to it in John 1:34.

'Well, that's not the Crucifixion.'

No, it's a little sign for me.

'What do you mean?'

Well, I have received a number many times over the last 10 years, that number is 34.

I was in my 34th year, when God spoke to me.

'Well that's nonsense, you're not in the Bible.'

Well I am in fact, look at Isaiah 5.

Look at Ezekiel 7.

In fact why not, call me the Beast of Revelations 13 too. I'm not, but why not? I'm saying I'm the next Pope.

'Tim, I think we have to leave it there.'

Ah. Ok.

I trust you'll deliver this message to Bishop Mark and ask either for an exorcist to remove this Demon from me, or ask him to help me contact Pope Benedict.


'Why would you think you have a Demon.'

Well, you think I'm speaking False Truths don't you. That would be a Demon wouldn't it?

'Well, no it would be a mental illness.'

Is that in the Gospel?

'Well no, mental health is better understood nowadays.'

Well, that's the thing, you don't even believe Prayer is needed for healing those with Demons.

How can you say you're Christian believing such things. They're against the Gospel.


'Would you like me to put you in touch with someone who can help you?'

Well I know what you mean, and I've asked for a spiritual director before, and you couldn't find one could you. The Carmelite Sisters I believe?

'Well that's not what I was talking about.'

No I know, you were seeing if I could visit the Diocesan Safeguarding team.

Let's send me there shall we, and see how long I suffer your treatment again.

'Well, that's not really Suffering, we'll be helping you.'

Well, did you help Galileo?



'You're not really making much sense.'

Well then, why is it all recorded last night?

'Can I see this diary entry?'

Yes, it's in your inbox, I sent it when it was published. Go and have a look, and check the timestamp for a little Teaching about the time of His Crucifixion.

God bless you, Father Woolley, thank you for serving Jesus.