Diary of Wisdom and Love

O fair fields of Manchester

Sale Moor, UK

Jesus, grant me the Gift of saying goodbye, one last time.

"Timothy, these things were Written,
in your heart,
in those days,
I Spoke to you,
in March 2017."

O fair fields of the North,
my home,
my abode,
for over 39 years.

I travelled,
I came back,
I lived,
and I Suffered with you,
O humble pilgrims of the North.

Everyone has a place in Life,
everyone has a Gift from the Most High.

is our God.

Give thanks to He who delivers us from Suffering.
Give thanks to the Lord God Yahweh.
Give thanks and praise to the Lord God who Suffers with us,
in these fields of gold.

On these pastures,
is planted,
the Seed of Hope.

In my heart,
in my mind,
I will never forget you.

To London,
my home becomes,
to New York,
my home will be.

My home though,
will always be,
on these fields of earth I tread,
which I have called my life.

"Timothy, these were the days,
I Gave you everything you needed,
to find Life."

"Timothy, you are Free."