Diary of Wisdom and Love

And I have Peace

Sale Moor, UK

There is something happening right now, I really don't understand.

But I hope what Jesus tells me, is True.

Please, Lord, Jesus, put an end to this few months where I've felt so alone.

"Timothy, what you Know,
is True."

"I have shown you,
you have been forgiven,
this is quite the case."

"Leave this person be,
and let them think."

Jesus, I would do anything for this person.
I only want them to be at Peace.

"What I wrote,
I wrote.
5 months it is."

I will not wait, Lord, agonising for the hour to arrive,
but prepare me, in advance of what I need to do.

"There is nothing you will do now,
to cause you pain.
Leave them be."

"There is nothing you will do,
to cause them pain either,
give them time,
to think."

Thank You, Jesus.

I wait and pray.