Diary of Wisdom and Love

The vision of the Gift the Cardinal makes

Sale Moor, UK

Jesus, You showed me a vision.
You gave me Knowledge of what it contained.
Please, Lord, reveal these things to Your People.

"Timothy, describe the Vision I gave you."

As I was resting, in the quietness of prayer.
Jesus put in my mind, an image of His Eminence Cardinal Sarah's hand.
In his hand was a gold coin,
the smallest of coins that I know,
the size of a penny,
but it was gold,
and very luminate.
On the gold coin was embossed an image of my dear friend.
The gold coin, he placed into a mission box.
I saw the inscription,
on the mission box.

His arm I could see clearly.
It was his right hand.
He was wearing simple clothes,
a priests garments,
with no more than one mark of holiness:
a purple ribbon stitched around his wrist.

I see a crucifix,
I see the Beauty of Nature,
I see a lake, peaceful and beautiful.
I see trees and a Beautiful sky.

Cardinal Sarah then turns towards me in the vision,
he smiles at me,
and I see Our Lord making the sign of the cross in the clouds,
above him,
Blessing him.

Jesus, you have shown me these things.
Teach the Church Your Wisdom and Love.

"Timothy, this is as you were knowing to write.
Everything you wrote is what I gave you."

"Timothy, write no more,
ask them to Pray to Me for My Truth."

"Timothy, write now what they need."