Diary of Wisdom and Love

The Peace I receive

Sale Moor, UK

There is no other feeling in my soul right now,
than Peace.

I feel relaxed, knowing I am just Tim.

Not needing to do anything right now but what always has brought me Peace.
What I desire right now.

And the Lord has given me Patience,
to endure the desires I have for the future.

This is what was written in Call of the Apostle.

And now I am at Peace.

Everything in my soul,
is knowing one thing,
everyone needs this Peace.

Peace is found when we have desires, which are fulfilled.

Thank You, Lord, for reminding me of this Wisdom.

Jesus, I ask You, to carry out Your Will,

Please, Lord, let this Peace last,
for as long as it is Your Will to do so.

Save me, Lord, from lack of Peace,
when it comes time to do more.
And if I am to endure Suffering,
to write in Truth,
allow me Lord respite,
as soon as it is Your Will.

Your Will is Good, Lord.
Let it be done, everywhere in my life.