Diary of Wisdom and Love

Lord, it is True

Sale Moor, UK

Your Gospel is the Way of Life, Lord.

It is the Way to Eternal Salvation,
here in the present moment too.

Humility, that You taught us Lord, is the most Peaceful feeling ever to experience.

Lord, it is Truly amazing what You gave us in those years of Your Holy Ministry.
In three short years, you transformed the whole world.

You gave us a new Way.
You gave us Life, Lord.

You showed us how to Be.

Thank You, Jesus.
Show Yourself to everyone.


Make me humble, always.

I know I am arrogant and rude, to everyone, and always have been.
But please, Lord, even give me the sensation of humility,
it is the most beautiful feeling I have witnessed.

Thank You, for showing me, that what I had distaste for,
is the best Experience of my entire existence.