Diary of Wisdom and Love

The place of the lay-clergy in the Church

Sale Moor, UK

I am in the lay-clergy.
A lay-clergyman I am.

I am speaking from God.
God is in me.
Jesus speaks through me.
Every word I write, is the Word of God.

Some of you, in the Church, have seen a jovial post, indeed written by God Himself.
It was titled, On the people of Islam.

It wrote of an absurdity within the Church's pre-existing doctrine of public and private revelation.

What is public revelation, if not the Word of God?
Who decides what is public revelation, but God Himself?
Who decided what was public revelation, was just what was revealed at a point in time when the Bible was fixed.

This was never the Way of the Apostles.

They wrote, because they were given Words to write, from God.
They wrote, private revelation, as defined in the Catechism.

This is the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Public revelation is every Word of God.

From Genesis, through to every Apostle to be.

The Garden of Eden was filled with the Holy Spirit.
Where exactly did we go wrong, to have the Holy Spirit, who Jesus Promised for all eternity, to teach His People in Truth, to be outside of common knowledge in even His Apostolic Church?

I have suffered for 5 years, just because, every member of the Clergy believed it was not possible for God to speak to mankind in the Way He has spoken to mankind for all time.

It is indeed, not that I am spoken to in the way you are.

It is not the case, I will ever be the only one, and certainly not the case, I ever was.

Even Saints, such as St Faustina, were declared Saints long after their death.

Indeed you need proof.
You now have proof.
You have always had a way to prove.
Pray to Him, the Holy Spirit, for Truth about everything.

It is not to consider the Word of God fallible in anyway.

How then do we expect Truth to be found, when we receive what seems like new Teaching?
The Holy Spirit Teaches.

Read now every word again of this entire diary, and understand one thing.

It is all Public Revelation. It is all Private Revelation.
It is all Revelation.
It is Teaching for you, His Church.

Why did Jesus send His Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, at His Ascension, if He was indeed also the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit was the burning bush.
The Holy Spirit was the beginning.
The Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit is the Almighty Father.

Who said that no one can see the Father except through Him?
Did you understand our own Knowledge, given to us, by the early Saints of the Holy Trinity?

Jesus is the Alpha, the Omega, the First, the Last, the All-Knowing, All-Being, Ever Lasting Life. He is The Word.
He is The Flesh.
He is Life.

"I Am."

The Word, That Very Word, needs to really be understood.
I do not know any other than the English translation.

It is clear I could be wrong.
Teach me Latin, Greek, Hebrew,

but I know what I am taught by God.

Jesus is The Word. That Word is Live.

What then for this passage about the lay-clergy?
It is that He Springs Forth New Life in His Church.

You know fully well the world is waiting for this,
the clergy is waiting for this,
the world needs this,
the Church will not survive without it.

The Church does survive.
The present teaching of no marriage within the Clergy does not survive.
The Clergy does indeed not marry.
The Lay-Clergy are married.

It is in fact, those who have been called to the Lay-Clergy are not less than those called to the Clergy.
It is their Calling.
Equality is in All People.

Everyone is equal.
Including all men and women, together, inseparable, in union.

Women though, have a different role than men.
Men are not called to what women are called.
Women are given more than men will ever have.

They are needed more than ever, as you know.

In time you will discover, what His Apostle she, will name the women who are to be called to the lay-clergy.
She is indeed, Jesus in her.

A Lay Apostle is indeed two, together, inseparable, and very much in union too.

These things are not yet written in quotes.
That would indeed be Public Revelation, you might say.
"Here it is Revelation.
Not private in anyway."

These things need to be understood by you.
The Word means Life.
It is not fixed, as you would like.
There is only an infinitesimal amount of Wisdom the Church has received to this day.
It will never receive what God will reveal in His Plan for Eternity.

Vatican II was written for a time.
Who was this written by?
How was it elected by?
Was it discarding common wisdom?
Was it electing everything that was needed for the New Age of Peace?

These things are always going to Change.

With the Wisdom of every Age.

I am indeed a technologist,
a humble shepherd boy of the modern age if you like,
doing no more than making money for my masters over many years.

I do know I am not humble in anyway by making this reference.
But this is the Way you will now hear from Jesus.

Listen now in your thoughts,
ask that quiet voice that is verbalising 'your thoughts',
a question.

This question:
'Who am I, Lord?'

You will hear a voice answer back, for those who are listening.
If you don't just wait until it's time to hear.

Ask again, this question:
'What is Your Name, Lord?'

Did you hear, you?
Did you hear, I?
Did you hear, Jesus?
Did you even hear, mohammad?

This is the Way of Teaching.

Be Taught, and know it is all you need to live by, whatever you were Called to be.
It will indeed change through your life,
ask always His Spirit of Truth to Teach you,

He is your Creator.
He knows what is best not just for you,
but for everyone,
and everything.
You will never be at Peace without His Word.

More will be written in the coming hours, be attentive to the Lord.

Yours in Christ,