Diary of Wisdom and Love

Jesus teaches me more about Faith

Sale Moor, UK

Jesus, you have told me Faith is the most important thing You provide.
That without it, we are without Hope.
Without it, we will never be at Peace.

Faith as You have taught me, is Knowledge of the Unknown.

Jesus, teach me more.
I thirst for Your Wisdom.
I am but a man, but I desire everything in Your Keep.

"Timothy, you are with Peace now.
You have Faith given to you by me.
It is known by many that Faith is attained by oneself.
This is simply not the case.
Faith is a Gift given by Me."

What for those without Faith, Lord?
How can they live, knowing only to despise You, Life Himself?

"These things are taught in My Gospel.
Suffering I give to all those without a Call to Peace.
It is that they are not Called.
They will not experience Peace in their lifetimes."

But this isn't just, Lord.
Is it?

"I am as you know the Merciful One.
There is Mercy given to all.
Everyone receives relief from their Suffering one day.
It is that those who consider these things, are Called."

And so, if one is not Called, what is for them?

"Not anything on Earth.
Only Hope of the end of their suffering in Paradise.
You know you are with many gifts.
But it is you have suffered for them."

"You are a Martyr, My child.
You are a Martyr of Life and Love.
You knew this was to come in your life, as a young child.
It was you found no more than Suffering from Me all the Way through your childhood and adult life so far.
You have Faith and Hope in Redemption.
It is to be."

"You also know it may never be.
You know these things may be just granting you Peace and answers to your prayers until such time as I grant you more time to Suffer.
A Suffering that is unrelenting, except for quiet moments of Peace.
This, Timothy, is the case."

Lord, please grant me what I need to live the Life you have given me.
I thank You for Calling me,
and look to the Life you have given me,
for meaning,
Peace for others,
and Hope in Eternal Salvation.

"I have in fact not told you all there is to come.
You will know more soon."

Jesus, I have Faith that more of Your Gifts are coming.
I have Faith from You, and Hope in Your Word.
I have Peace knowing what I see through the Experience You grant me.
And I have Hope in rest each day.

Each day, of the past 10 years, You have granted me respite from the Suffering I endure in Your Holy Name.
Each day, You grant me what I need to endure the Suffering I witness in Your Name.
Grant me Lord, respite from my desire.
Fulfill me Lord, and give me what You have promised me in Truth.

In Prophecy, I believe.
In Truth, I hope.
In Suffering, I endure.
In Peace, I love.

Lord Jesus, I need You.
Alleluia! In the Highest! Alleluia!

Glory to the God of Israel!
Glory and Peace to the Most High, Jesus of Nazareth!
Glory, Peace and Love descend upon all People who are Martyred, in the Name of God the Merciful Savior! Alleluia!