Diary of Wisdom and Love

Fulfilment of Revelations 13

Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE

John prophesied a beast rising up out of the sea in Revelations 13. Jesus has given me understanding of what this is. In 2012 when I was assaulted on the steps of the Christian Church in Oakland, CA, I opened my Bible to find only one page had been torn. This page was Revelations 13. The Lord has shown me that He made me know the Beast was not as it seemed to most people, and indeed there is Wisdom from all hearts as to its meaning.

Dajjal in Islam is this prophecy, the prophecy, just like the Prophecy of John is the coming of Peace in the world. This is what Jesus gave to Islam when Mohammed wrote this prophecy. Mohammed did indeed receive prophecy from Jesus, however not all his words were written down as they were recited.

This was to be.

The 10 horns in Revelations are the worlds major religions. They are the authorities people live by. Some of these have experienced a long period of Peace in history, and there is Wisdom in these religions for the Church to accept. This is widely known in ecumenical circles.

Islam, Judaism and Zoroastrianism are the three horns which fall in Daniel 7. They are replaced with a new horn rising out of the west, a religion at Peace with each other and sharing common teaching. This is to be in the next 500 years. This time has meaning that is written in both Daniel and the Quran, and it is for those who have knowledge to understand what is written in those texts.

The 7 horns which remain are formed from the 10 most common belief systems of the modern day: The Lord’s Church of Wisdom and Love, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Paganism, and those of no knowledge of a deity.

His Church of Wisdom and Love is the Body of Jesus Christ, as the Holy Catholic Church is His Body today, with fellowship in other Christian denominations. It is divided into two main streams of teaching, those of the teaching of Love, and those of the teaching of Wisdom.

The Church is entirely based on the Wisdom born by the Prophets, Apostles and Saints since Adam and Eve. More will be revealed about this Wisdom as time goes on. Nations will unite, and prophets will foretell the coming of a new age.

There will be denominations within this Church, and it will live in harmony and Peace with other theistic religions until the new age is brought about.

There is a further stream of thought which is unknowing of a deity, which will cause some problems. Some of these problems are known to the world in the ways of communism and fascism. One day these will fall, as the populations turn to God. This pseudo-religion will decline in popularity as more and more hearts are enlightened according to the prophecy of 2118.

Isaiah 5 foretells a grotesque creature whose belt will never be loosened and whose sandals will never be broken. This grotesque figure is I, and I will not remain grotesque. Nor am I Satan as some may say I am from Isaiah 5:20 and Revelations 13, that is all mankind. The Beast in Revelations is not Satan.

This is the teaching Jesus Christ gives to His Abrahamic Church’s today. It is for the world to finally be at Peace.

There is a reason I say 500 years, it is what has been revealed to me by God. There is also writing about the Court who will come to end the world. That is, to begin a new age. This age will be one of Godliness, just as the age’s of Israel, Christianity and Renaissance came before it.

This age is coming soon, and you will see signs and miracles in the next 200 years foretelling this.

The most troubling of these religions is Islam, as mohammad erroneously said that there are no prophets after him.

Know that God will change the hearts of those He chooses.

It is known in common Islamic hearts that God talks to us, through dreams and guiding our hearts. This is indeed also creating prophetic teachings. Mohammad said that the end would not be known until the hour of Jesus’ coming. Indeed it is that the hour is the Hour of Mercy, and the prophecy of 2118 remains. It is written for those who have ears to hear what He is speaking to us in our hearts.

We are one people, and all people are capable of being filled with His Wisdom and Love. Truth bears Wisdom. Love bears Life. They are together symbiotically linked, and that is God being with us all.

Peace is the union of Wisdom and Love, it is God.

Peace and love from Yahweh, Jesus, Allah to all people.

Jesus is not a prophet, but God Himself.