Diary of Wisdom and Love

You, me and Me

Sale Moor, UK

Jesus found me as I was sitting on my own in a restaurant.
Jesus found me as I was waiting for a train.
Jesus showed me the path to walk, when I did not know where I was going.
Jesus gave me peace, when all I wanted to do was scream.
Jesus loved me, when there was no one to love me.
Jesus bought me clothes, when I had nothing left to wear.
Jesus fed me, when I was hungry.
Jesus removed my hunger, when I needed to fast.
Jesus woke me up, when I needed to work.
Jesus laid me to rest, when I wanted to sleep.
Jesus gave me dreams, when I wanted to know the future.
Jesus showed me visions, when I wanted to know the Truth.
Jesus held me in His arms, when all I could do was cry.
Jesus showered me with affection, when I wanted to be loved.
Jesus comforted me when every freedom had been taken away.
Jesus freed me when I was locked in a cage.
Jesus spoke to me, taught me, and gave me every word to say.
Jesus asked me to be His servant.
And now I know Jesus will provide me with everything I could ever want.
Jesus is all I need.
But He gives me want for you, my honey bun bee.