Diary of Wisdom and Love

What Our Lord has given us in our hearts

Sale Moor, UK

Jesus, please teach me the ways of Life.
Lord, please show me what it is to love.
Jesus, teach me what I must live through in this life.

“Timothy, I am teaching you right now.
All the world receives wants and desires from Me.
Know that, when I give wants to My People,
they do what they are given want for.
Does anyone feel they do not receive what I give them want for?
This is the Way.”

“Know that you are suffering right now, waiting to know more.
She does not want to do what you want her to do,
she wants to do what I give her want for.
Am I not giving you the same wants as her?
This is the Way I have given you.
Be patient, kind, and know to feel the pain of love.”

“When a woman gives birth, the pain of labour turns to joy.
In the same way, when love is requited,
you will know all the pain you are experiencing right now,
all the doubt,
all the lack of knowledge of what is to come:
that it turns to rejoicing.”

“What is life if you don’t experience it, My dear child Timothy?”

“It is the beautiful gift I give you.
Know it is sweet, when the time comes.
Taste not its bitter fruit as it is growing,
but instead watch the wonder of My Creation,
and let Me fill your heart with My Love.”

“Know I will not let you suffer more than you can bear.”

Thank You, Jesus.
Please be with me in these hours, and days, until the time comes to hear from her once more.
I love You, my Lord.