Diary of Wisdom and Love

Our Lord gave me a parable in a dream

Sale Moor, UK

I had finished working early in the morning, after Our Lord had told me what to do to complete my work. It was something very challenging. I was tired, and Our Lord told me to go to bed. I thought for a moment that I had made a mistake and I would have to redo everything in the morning, but Our Lord spoke to me and gave me the next steps and He showed me that it would work when I continued on the next steps in the morning.

I locked up the house and brought my cat to bed with me. I told My Lord that I loved Him, and He told me He loved me dearly too. Then I rested my head and I slipped into a dream.

Next I woke up in my dream in a big house, all of my family were around. An announcement was being made about a woman I once loved who was due to be married. It came for me to congratulate her and everyone paused to look on in embarassment and sadness at the pain inside of me. I mumbled kind and heartfelt words and moved back to my glass of wine. Then as the evening went on I saw the glass was leaking wine over the carpet, and someone told me not to put the glass down on the floor as I made my way to bed.

Then began the parable.

I woke up in the same large house and was on my way to the room in which I was before. I saw that the doors were barricaded by dusty large speakers from the festivities many years earlier. I said to a real estate agent who was with me 'I'll buy it.' and I bought the fading house. Then once the papers were signed I said to the real estate agent 'demolish the house, I want the land to develop on.'

After the real estate agent left I went to inspect the house where I had once slept. I noticed something moving under a rug, and carefully went up to the rug and pulled it away to reveal a homeless beggar, squatting in this derelict house.

I was startled and moved back away from him as he got up.

I said to him 'Get out, I own this house.'

He pleaded with me to stay, insisting he could show me around and help me organise things.

After several rounds of pleading and begging, he said 'Could you not have just left something you saw moving and ignored it? Look then! I will take this small section of the house, you can do with the rest of it what you will.' I saw him walk easily through the doors which had been barricaded by large speakers. I went to open the door and all I saw was the darkness of night and a windy rain swept scene. He had disappeared.

Next I remember scratching my head, and what looked like spaghetti was falling onto the floor.

Then I remember wailing outside in the rain, holding a muddy brick amongst a half demolished house, screaming 'Why me?' Alone and despairing.

Then I said to myself, 'I need to find a man to show me around the house and take care of the house for me'. So I picked out a lesser man, and he came to stay in the house with me.

Then next I knew, I was sat at a kitchen table with a beautiful woman and a child. The man I hired was sat next to me, and the homeless man from earlier was pottering around the kitchen cleaning up. My wife said to me: 'Isn't it time you got rid of him?' And I said to her 'do you mean this little man?' And she replied 'No! He is the man you've hired, the man over there.' Pointing to the homeless man.

I replied to her after careful consideration: 'Do you not realise that He is God?'

Then I woke up in my dream, in a room filled with clothes. I saw a light shining above me and Our Lord explained the Parable to me. He said:

"Even if you try to, I will not be replaced. There is no one before me, no one after me. Jesus, I am. I will be there for you for all eternity."

I replied to Our Lord:

'Jesus, I want you to look after my house.'

Then Our Lord told me the house was His Kingdom, and it cannot be destroyed. He then told me that His Kingdom lives inside me, and everyone who loves Jesus. We cannot be separated from Him. That He builds temples inside our hearts, and those temples cannot be destroyed.

He went on to speak of my work with the homeless, and the charity I am trying to establish. He told me to unburden the challenge onto Him, to entrust Him with the voice of His people. To not worry that it is established as what seems like a secular charity.