Diary of Wisdom and Love

After I prayed I fell into a dream

Sale Moor, UK

I was praying Novenas to Ss Gabriel and Raphael, asking for their protection and freedom from the CTO, should it be God’s Will, and for Him to reveal St Raphael to me. I also prayed for my wife to be with me.

After resting to sleep, I fell into a dream. There were many scenes that passed and then three remarkable occurrences.

The first: I woke up in my dream to see my room in the night, and I heard a voice saying “I am Raphael, your wife is near at hand. You will have my help in meeting her.”

The second: I fell back asleep and then woke up again in my dream. I saw where the door was a rotating disc of light that looked like a shield made of metal. Out of it spoke these words: “My name is Gabriel. Have peace, the Lord is with you. It was my angel that appeared to you in 2016.”

I then fell asleep again in my dream and was woken by a chiming sound, in my dream. I was brought to view the icon of Abbot Mena and Jesus at the foot of my bed on the wall. It had been replaced by an engraving. At first it was difficult to read, but I scanned the words and read the following engraved in wood: “I am Timothy, fear not the Lord Jesus Christ is with me.”

I then woke with great fervour to write about this dream.