Diary of Wisdom and Love

O God of Light and Love

Sale Moor, UK

O God of Light and Love,
The Universe and Heaven combined are the manifestation of Your Love.
Grant me this day to be a true likeness of Yourself.
Give me the grace to be humble and to serve Your brethren here on Earth.
Grant me the gift of wisdom to find You throughout the world.
Grant me one more day to live the fruits of Your Spirit: faith, hope, love and charity.
Let me always be guided by Your Light, O Lord,
and always turn to seek Your Counsel.
Grant me Your Love in my heart, Jesus,
build a home there, and shine Your Light from my being.
Let me overflow with Your Graces my Lord,
and permit me to see Your Holy Face once more.

I ask this through Mary Our Mother, and all the Saints,
in Christ Jesus, Our Lord.