Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I had a dream from Our Lord

Sale Moor, UK

In the dream I woke up, and saw my F001 standing to my right hand side in my bedroom. His face and body transformed into that of my cousin F008, and then transformed into that of my uncle F007.

I asked my F001 to leave my room with my lips and tongue paralysed by sleep. At first he wouldn’t leave but after informing him he looked like Snowy, my cousin Steven, I woke up in my dream.

Then I saw where the curtains are a bright cinematic display, as though a bright projector was projecting onto the side of my room. On the display I saw comments from my Facebook posts which were flattering, and then I saw a post asking if someone could help me.

Then a cartoon began displaying on the cinematic display, but I couldn’t hear the words as my pillow was against my head. As I moved my head away from the pillow I woke up again in my dream.

Then I saw bright lights moving in my room. They came to rest above my head and what looked like white balls filled with pockets of air fell from the light onto my bed. I gathered the balls, and Our Lord told me to eat them. I began to eat them as the balls started to melt in my hands and they tasted like water with a faint taste of unleavened bread.

After eating 5 of the balls I told Our Lord I was full. He told me to go and show my F001.

In my dream I went downstairs to discover the furniture had been removed and strewn on the floor were many lit candles and glasses. I stepped around them all and went into the living room where my F001 was sat on a chair in the middle of the room facing the fireplace.

I told him: ‘look! Our Lord has given me Manna to eat!’ And he replied in disbelief: ‘let me see that!’.

As I handed over the melting balls of Manna, they became like petals of a dandelion in my F001’s hands. ‘There!’ he said, ‘nothing at all!’

I then went back to my room and was mesmerised by the light and the gift Our Lord had given me. I searched for my phone to write this, but couldn’t find it.

Then Our Lord woke me up, breathless and eager to write. Then Our Lord instructed me to write about the dream.