Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I received a vision from Our Lord

Sale Moor, UK

As I was resting after lunch in the garden I closed my eyes and listened to music from Taizé. Then Our Lord showed me a vision of Him standing upright.

He was wearing a white robe and a golden rope belt. From His left shoulder to below His right waist was a ribband of red. Above His waist on the left hand side was woven a Eucharistic Host with etching of a crucifix, above a golden chalice. On the bottom of the ribband on the right hand side was woven His Sweet Heart in bright red with a golden crucifix above it and around the centre of the heart was a belt of white roses with leaves and without thorns. In between the belt and the heart there was a pink rose with the flower pointing to the top left of His Heart as I was looking at it and the stem pointing out of the bottom right. The stem of the pink rose had no thorns.

Then I saw Our Mother caress Her Son as a new born baby. They were both beautiful, and Jesus’ head came to rest on Mary’s right shoulder.

Thank You, Lord for showing me this vision of You and Your mother.