Diary of Wisdom and Love

Thank You for Your Creation, Lord

Sale Moor, UK

How many and varied are the stars in the sky!
Pin pricks of light in a galactic constellation.
Each one surrounded by worlds unknown to us.
Each one is numbered by Your Hands, Lord.

How much water is held in the clouds Lord!
The rain falls and replenishes the soil.
It flows down the rock face and into the sea.
Every stream and river and delta moulded by Your Hands, Lord.

How many types of plants and flowers fill the meadows!
The beauty of the flowers in spring through to summer.
The glow of the autumn leaves in the forest.
And every root, every branch, and every leaf is known to You: You breath life into every living plant Lord!

How different are the animals that roam these lands and seas, my Lord!
You created each being individually and gave them Life.
You asked us to name them one by one.
You gave us dominion over all the wild beasts, Lord, and you know them all everywhere and always!

How Mighty are Your Works, Lord!
Unfathomable to mankind.
Majestic in glory!
Every one You gave to us, Lord.
Oh what great a sight it is to see, Lord!
Thank You for Your Creation, Lord!