Diary of Wisdom and Love

The question of the serpent

Sale Moor, UK

O Lord, what went on in the Garden of Eden?
What suffering was caused to Job?
What descent did Judas undertake?

Is there a serpent? Is there an accuser? Is there a satan, lucifer or beelzebub?

Reveal to me Lord so I can know.

How can I blame a fallen angel for my own sin?
How can I say that mankind is fundamentally good without this creature of the dark?

Is it that God is not All Merciful, Omnipotent and All Powerful?
Of course You are.

How can I not see that St Peter was a man like all of us?
How can I not take on the sins of all mankind and feel guilty for original sin, through to Your Crucifixion, the slaying of Your Prophets and Martyrs and beyond.

The wars and torment we cause to Your Heart Our Lord… isn’t it to end with us one day?

Make me less callous to Your Holy Name Lord.
Let me preach what You have taught me.

For the accuser in the Jewish Rabbah became the instrument of destruction in the New Testament. Is not hell the destination of all evil in this world?

Then how can any of us be saved?

“My Salvation is given to all people.
I ask you one question: do you want Me?”

Is this the teaching I know from Your Holy Church? Didn’t Pope Francis say there certainly was a devil?

Is it us Lord? Or is there a fallen angel we should be afraid of? Unclean and unholy I stand before You and ask You for the Truth.

“My Spirit is Knowledge and Wisdom.
Come to Me all who seek solace from your own minds.”