Diary of Wisdom and Love

Lord, thank You for everything

St Beuno's, St Asaph, UK

You called me by name, Lord,
you spoke to me in the night and prepared a dwelling place in my soul for Your Spirit.

You tend to me, Lord,
you fill my heart with Your Love everyday and everywhere.

How much You have loved me, Sweet Jesus.
How much You have cared for me, my Love.

Where do I go from here?

Surely there is no greater love than the Love You have shown me Lord?
Do I search the rest of my life for ever greater graces my Lord?
Do I settle down to rest knowing there cannot be anymore for me?

No, You are not like that Lord.

No matter how much Love of Yours I have, there is an abundance more to come from You, my Lord.

All I need is Your Presence Lord.
A careful kiss on my soul to let me know You are with me Lord.

Please kiss my soul, Lord.

Then the wind picks up.
The birdsong rings.
And I find You there my Lord.

I find You there in a sweet word from my peers.
I find You there in the gush of the wind.
I find You wherever I am Lord.

And I know Your Love is in my soul, Lord.

I know You know me.
I know You care for me.
I am at Peace in Your Presence and You take care of everything.
I am in Love with You, my Lord.

Thank You for everything my Lord.
For where I have been, for where You have brought me, for where I am going.
Thank You Lord.