Diary of Wisdom and Love

Where will You take me, Jesus?

St Beuno's, St Asaph, UK

As I set off on this journey,
I ask You the question:

‘Where will You take me, Jesus?
Will I follow You all the Way?
Will I let You down and sway?
Will I love You when times get tough?
Will I serve You, when I’m sleeping rough?
Will I feed You, when I have none myself?
Will I give You water, when I am thirsty and help You when I have no one to call on.
Will I clothe You, when You are naked?
Will I visit You when You are destitute?
Will I shelter You when You have no where to sleep?
Will I love You, when You’re in need of my love?
Will I carry You, when You are tired?
Will I take Your Cross and shoulder Your burden?
Will I father children for You, when You are in need of offspring?
Will I be Your brother and Your friend, until the end of time?’

“You are setting out on a journey today, Timothy.
I have brought You here to St Beuno’s to have Peace and to pray.
You will follow me to Heaven,
the rest you will unburden on Me.
Fear not the future,
I have promised you a family.”

“A family you shall have.”

“You have time, Timothy.
You have time, my child.
You have time, my beloved friend.”

Thanks be to God!
Praise to You, my beautiful Lord Jesus Christ!