Diary of Wisdom and Love

My Lord, my God, how wonderful You are

St Beuno's, St Asaph, UK

Everywhere I go You are there Lord.
Not iron, nor lead cages can prevent You from talking to me.
From the height of the Earth, to the depths of the sea, You protect me, Lord.
For You are my God, and You are truly wonderful.

Even in the prisons of those hospitals,
every callous lip that spoke accusations of delusions,
You comforted me Lord,
You made me feel safe,
You picked me up when I was depressed,
You held me down when I was in danger of a careless word,
You freed me, and told me when it would be.

You fed me and filled my day with joy.
You clothed me and gave me friends to visit me.
You gave me coffee to drink and cigarettes to smoke.
You are altogether wonderful my Lord, you take care of everything, before I even know to ask.

How well You know me Lord,
how you have cared for me my God,
how You have been my dearest Friend.
I love You,
not just because You are wonderful,
but You have filled my soul with Your Love once more my Lord:
something I cannot even understand.

How wonderful You are.