Diary of Wisdom and Love

My Lord has given me gifts

Sale Moor, UK

There was more Our Lord gave me in the past two weeks than I could have wished for.

Finally my care coordinator showed his humanity by indicating that he has two sides: one which is owned by the mental health system, and one which is owned by his faith as a Muslim. He told me that he has to treat me according to the mental health system but he does have compassion for my situation as a child of God.

Meanwhile, my F001 has offered to help correct the erroneous medical files and help me get onto oral medication as opposed to an injection once a month.

The second opinion Doctor, a Christian, spoke to me and acknowledged my faith however said he couldn’t agree nor disagree on the diagnosis of bipolar disorder as he doesn’t know me well enough.

I am waiting now for the tribunal and hospital managers hearing, which Our Lord has told me will not go in my favour.

Our Lord Jesus, I know it is Your Will to free me eventually and peacefully from this system. I trust in You, Lord, to fulfil Your Plan for me as only You see fit. It is in You I place my whole life, and into Your Hands I put my trust.

Save me from my enemy’s snare, O Lord.

“Timothy, my dear beloved child,
it is nearing the end.
One more year you must wait to be free of them.
One more year of suffering and humiliation at their hands.
Your life is in My Hands,
I will not let you suffer anymore than you can take.”

“In time you will lose the weight you have gained while treated by these evil drugs.
In time you will be free to live the life I have given you.”

Thank You, Dear Jesus.
I adore You.
I love You.
I trust in You always.