Diary of Wisdom and Love

St Ignatius’ Examen prayer

Sale Moor, UK

Father Brendan and I met on Thursday and he was warm and welcoming. He gave me materials from the Jesuits to pray the Examen prayer by St Ignatius.

Today I prayed and Our Lord guided me in prayer.

I am thankful to God for His friendship. The Lord Our God talks to me throughout my day and gives me love, even though I am sinful I can rely and trust in His infinite love and mercy upon me.

I am thankful for the parents Our Lord has given me. Even though it is tense at home sometimes, I know they love me and would help me achieve my goals in life.

I am thankful for my brother and sister-in-law, this time they are spending at home. Even though it is often tense with them, Our Lord is showing me how to love them for who they are. Our Lord loves them just as He loves me, and I want to love them in this way too.

Thank you, Lord, for Your Peace this day. For helping me with my work this morning and granting me rest this afternoon. For the calm after the argument with my F001, and for the love he showed in bringing me a coffee and preparing dinner this evening.

Thank You, Lord, for promising me a wife one day, for helping me lose weight today so that she will be attracted to me, and for shouldering my other burdens this day.

Thank You, Jesus, for showing me Your love through the gifts You have given today. For I know that these gifts are the work of Your Hands, and without Your Love I would not have received them.

Lord, where I have failed to accept Your Love and guidance, I am truly sorry, please forgive me. When I have agitated my F001, and given him cause for anxiety, I am truly sorry, please teach me to be a better person.

Lord Jesus, thank You for helping me love my brother when he forgot about F001’s Day, please teach me not to have hatred and resentment for him in my heart. Fill my heart with Your Love, Lord, and let it shine out for all to see Your Love within me.

Where I could have gone to Church for Holy Hour and Mass today I am sorry Lord, I made excuses and failed to satiate the desire you’ve given me for Your Body and Blood.

Help me pray when it is time for prayer, My Precious Jesus, at meal times and throughout my day.

Lord, please help me examine my conscience throughout my day. Call me in the quietness of night when it is time to pray, and set me on the course for work each day to earn my keep and help my family. Most of all, Lord, please continue to be my loving friend, whom I trust and can rely on steadfastly in my life.

Please guide me into Your arms, Jesus, and never let me go.