Diary of Wisdom and Love

What the Lord has given me this past 2 weeks

Sale Moor, UK

I was at the CTO renewal meeting and they decided to lift the CTO. However this was short lived, and on the same day the responsible clinician reconsidered and looked at my spurious medical notes filled with lies and slander.

He then decided to renew the CTO for at least another year. With the Lord’s help I have decided to contest the CTO with both the hospital managers and also the tribunal service, however Our Lord has warned not to expect anything from it.

I am also seeking a Christian or Catholic psychiatrist to give a second opinion on the diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder, however my solicitor has warned that this person will be difficult to find in the UK.

The responsible clinician is keeping to his word and has further reduced the medication I am on to 100mg of haloperidol. I have no symptoms or side effects from this medication, and God has continued talking to me throughout the highest doses of this medication and all other medications they have tried. This should be proof enough.

Last week I went to see Fr Pat of St Hugh’s in Timperley who was very warm and welcoming. We shared a good conversation about my faith and he asked me to meditate on Psalm 23 which I have been doing amongst the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

I am also scheduled to meet with the Jesuit priest who previously didn’t want to provide me with Spiritual Direction. I pray that the Holy Spirit comes upon him and he witnesses the Truth about me and my calling.

Please pray for me, for Fr Brendan and Fr Pat who needs to be restored to health.

Finally, Our Lord has given me a gift in work. They have promoted me while on contract just 3 months in and are seeking to make me permanent.

Thank You, Jesus, I can’t do these things without You.
I love You, Jesus, my life is in Your Arms to do with what You Will.

In the last couple of days, in preparation for the hospital managers hearing and tribunal Our Lord instructed me to know the truth as to how much money I have given away to charity in the past 5 years. With Our Lord’s help, I went through my statements and totalled all the cash withdrawals as well as the money given to Elfriede, Dave and Wayne and Tracey. It totals around £25,000. However this is only 12.5% of my total bring home earnings in that same period, a far cry from giving all my money away to charity as the doctors keep on saying and proof again that I have kept my affairs in good order save for the hospital admissions where I have been forced into bankruptcy as I was out of work and needed to service my debts.

Please pray that I can find a Catholic psychiatrist and that they see the Holy Spirit at work in me, if it is God’s Will.

Peace be with you all.

“Timothy, my dear dear son.
You are nearing the end to your trials.
Be knowing more of your future, and the life I have promised you.
I hold you in my arms, and am overjoyed to see you clinging to my breast.”

Jesus, I love You.
Jesus, I adore You.
Jesus, I am Your humble servant, my life is Yours.