Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I received a dream from Our Lord

Sale Moor, UK

In the dream I recognised two men who were prevented from talking with each other by the mental health authorities due to their differing races.

I then saw that they were wearing Nazi arm bands and were prevented from talking with each other in order to plot terror.

Then I woke from my dream in my room, and a light appeared from my TV screen. Amid the visual noise of the TV screen appeared a woman who had had her left eye brutally removed through domestic violence. It was an awful sight to look at. Our Lord said to me:

“Will you help this woman too?”

And I looked at her again with love and wanted to help her. I replied ‘yes Lord, how can I help her?’

To which He replied:

“It is not for you to help her.
My Life has been given to you for other things.”

And then I asked Our Lord what it was I would do for Him if it wasn’t to help His suffering people. To which He showed me a conversation amongst talk show hosts raising awareness about the woman. One of the guests on the show claimed that God was nowhere in the world. Then the host interjected that it was a crazy assertion to say that, and gave evidence to the contrary.

I then woke up and Our Lord asked me to write about the dream.

Lord, please grant me understanding of this dream from You.