Diary of Wisdom and Love

Lord, never leave my side

Sale Moor, UK

Lord, do not go quiet as I cry for help.
Answer my prayers in the darkness of night.
From the desert to the sea, stay by my side, Lord.
For I want to be with You in Heaven.

From the recesses of my mind I hear You calling, Lord.
What is it You are saying to me, do You know me, Lord?
Do I love You, Lord? Have I served You, Lord?
Surely You will not forget me, Lord?

In the forest the wind picks up.
I feel Your Spirit within me, Lord.
Every leaf that falls is another reminder of Your Eternal dwelling place.
For You, Lord, created this place, every inch of Life was created by Your Hands.

Breath on me Lord. Breath Your Saving Breath.
And when my life is done, and my body is to return to the Earth, for new Life, Lord.
Lift me up to Heaven’s gates, and do not count my many sins against me, Lord.
For in Your Kingdom, lepers are first and the rich are last.

Make me not rich Lord, but an instrument of Your Love.
Let your Love fill my heart,
let it radiate out of me for all to see my Love for You.
For You are in me, and I am in You too.