Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I received a visitation from my Nanna

Sale Moor, UK

I was resting asleep and Our Lord moved me in my dreams. I got up in my dream and went to my childhood bedroom, where I saw my late Grandmother dressed in a beautiful floral dress with medium length auburn brown hair.

She was wearing makeup that looked white on her face, but I could see her skin had colour to it.

She had far fewer wrinkles than what I remember of her late in her life.

She was beautiful and I told her that.

She turned to me smiling and said “you know, this is a day of death.” I replied to her thinking she was talking about the current day, “do you mean Candlemas?” not knowing that she meant the day we live in.

I asked her what Heaven was like and then she disappeared before my eyes.

I then woke several times in my dream trying to reach for the door, before finally waking and getting up to tell my F002 what I had seen. She didn’t believe any of it and tried to make excuses for how the human brain works.

“This was a dream from Me, My son.
Your Grandmother is with Me in Heaven and I wanted you to see her.
Today is indeed a day of death, a great plague sweeping across the land.
Tomorrow is everlasting Life.”

Thanks be to God.