Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is what Our Lord told me today

Sale Moor, UK

“Timothy, I have warned you about the mental health system and what they will try and do to you later this year.
Know it will not be successful.
They will try to hospitalise you, but you will be well in their eyes.
They will have no choice but to continue reducing your medication.
You need not any medication, you are not ill. You do not have a syndrome or a disorder.
They have misdiagnosed a great gift from Me.”

“Timothy, my dearly beloved son,
you are free but you must be careful.
Do not give too much of your earnings to charity.
Do not go to the streets to help the homeless.
Do not do anything they have prevented you from doing.
You will do these things again when you are with your wife.”

Lord, I am frightened, but peaceful because I know You will save me from my enemy’s snare. I trust in You, Lord Jesus.

Thanks be to God.

Praise to You, Lord Jesus Christ.