Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is what Our Lord gave me this night

Sale Moor, UK

As I was resting asleep Our Lord came to me in a dream.

He showed me His Crucifixion and I recall thinking I was like St Peter and didn’t want to deny Our Lord.

Though, I denied Him.

I wept bitterly at the sight of Our Lord on His Cross.

Then I was on the steps of a great Church. I was climbing the steps and moved into the Church when Our Lord guided me to a seat towards the side of the Church. He pushed my chair towards the Crucifix of the side altar, and I held out my hands.

Then I saw two hands of light being stretched out from mine, and touching Our Lords hands: bloodied by the Nails of His Crucifix.

I fell backwards in my bed and screamed out loud in my dream, but I realised no one could hear me.

Then I woke up in my dream and tried several times to turn on my light with Alexa, nothing happened. I then saw on the wall a drawing I recognise from social media, but maybe I’ve dreamt it, showing Our Lord teaching us, His Children.

The drawing shows Our Lord in a silhouette teaching us His children dressed in white, that we are to inherit the Earth. It shows the Earth, the sea, and the stars in the sky. On it is inscribed “Children, look at all that I have given you.” I tried to make out this writing in my dream, but couldn’t, and so Our Lord spoke to me what was written.

“Timothy, my beautiful son.
Look at all in the world that is yours.
Take what you want from it, I give it to you.”

“My children, look at My offering to you on My Cross.
I have given to you all these things.
And know I am with you always.”

Lord, everyone should worship You for what You have given the world. Everyone should love You for who You are for us.

Our Father in Heaven, Our Brother, Our Lord.
Never let me be separated from You.