Diary of Wisdom and Love

My Lord, My Love, My desire

Sale Moor, UK

Jesus, I adore You.
Jesus, I love You.
Jesus, I worship You.

Bring me new Life in Your Holy Name.

“Timothy, My sweet dear son.
It is almost the New Year.
A year that will bring you many Blessings from Me.
A year you will remember.”

Please help me lose weight.

“This year will be the year of changes for you.
An end to the medication they have put you on.
An end to the hardship you have received for so long now.
An end to the loneliness you feel in your heart.
Be My child and do what is right.
Each day I speak to you offer me something in atonement for your sin.”

My Lord, my life is Yours.

I will do what You ask of me every day.