Diary of Wisdom and Love

Then I slipped into a dream

Sale Moor, UK

In the dream I was lying in bed with my eyes open in the same position as I had fallen to sleep. My hands moved towards the door of the room and I got out of bed. I opened the door and in the darkness of the hallway was a tall man with a cloak that was blackened by the darkness.

I then recognised the figure as Jesus and exclaimed His Name. He moved towards me out of the darkness, and as He did His skin and clothing became visible. I went to kiss His feet, but He pulled me up and I saw His face clear as day.

He had a European face with a black beard and a slight colour to His skin. His beard was not tidy, yet He was beautiful all the same.

Then He held me in His arms and swirled me around.

I woke up in the same position as I had gone to sleep, breathless and happy for having seen My Lord face-to-face.

Thanks be to God!